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TPA: New Teammate

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 6
Sorry this chapter is short. Wasn't that creative tonight.
"Taylor! Wake up buddy!"Scott yelled,Taylor opened up his eyes to hear the sound of a Beavler clicking it's long,sharp,teeth away.
"Taylor,ya gotta wake up for Me and Will! Ya gotta!"Scott shook Taylor so hard,it felt like a huge earthquake was happening. Taylor pushed Scott away,
"Okay,what's the big deal here?! First,your all friendly,then you muffle me and your Beavler slaps me to sleep! And now your nice again!"he finished to see Scott almost cry. William was bawling tears which made Taylor feel guilty.
"Well,I heard some Pokeman-"
"Yeah,and I wanted you to be quiet so the whole herd wouldn't be startled by us. Sorry,quick actions."Scott rubbed his two pointer fingers together.
"It's okay."
"Also,I caught two of them! Here!". Scott gave Taylor a pokeball,his threw it out to see a very moody Pikachu. Taylor couldn't believe his eyes! In front of him was a Pikachu! His very own Pikachu! Taylor hugged Scott tightly,but the man didn't think it was too powerful.
"Thank you SO much!!! My very own Pikachu! Just like Uncle Ash! I'm SO happy! You are-"Taylor kept rambling on and on about his new teammate. He couldn't wait to use her in battle!
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