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PMD AU Characters: New OC (sort of a background character)

by Kittythewhitehairedone

Kittythewhitehairedone Hi ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I made another OC :D He's sort of a background character as of now and has sort of a connection with Axel (The main villain). When Corentin was younger, he knew Axel, Corentin was just a Mareep and Axel was just a Riolu, they were in this little friend group of other kids their age and one kid's dad was a Dragonite who was super strong, so strong that he once defeated the Swords of Justice by HIMSELF. They would usually get the kid's Dragonite dad to watch them while they go out and play Rescue Team, where one of the kids go into the forest (with an escape orb if anything happens) and the other kids go out to "save" them. Now one thing you need to know is that Axel was a little brat when he was younger (and he got worse over time) and one day, he gets into a fight with Corentin over who gets to be leader

I'm sort of split on what happens next but I'm thinking that Corentin will either be attacked by Axel or Corentin will be the leader of that day's adventure but Corentin is attacked by a Wild/Feral Pokemon (that a Mareep can't fight on his own) while Axel just sort of leaves him and Corentin is almost killed before the Dragonite dad beats up the Wild/Feral Pokemon that was attacking Corentin

Either way, Corentin ends up getting permanent scars and he loses his tail, which really sucks for him. I'm trying to think of a Role for him right now

I'll see you later
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