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new art omg

by DizzyW

AB788A14-1EE3-4CAB-9FAC-4A3A08D257DF.png 57F2483C-23A4-4982-8B6A-4D28CD332755.png 4071934B-A4DC-4D29-B7F1-E6F55856C192.png E259BAF0-412F-476C-AD14-F1115B695ED3.png
DizzyW its been like 2 years since i’ve posted on here so i thought that it would be funny to show off my new art and then disappear again >:] idk if anyone that i used to be friends with is still active tho, oki bye
  1. buggie
    Jan 22, 2022
  2. Shikowara
    Cool and unique as always.
    Jan 7, 2022
    DizzyW and Willow Tree like this.