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Nega-Mega Evolutions: Nega-Mega Kecleon

by Mr.Munchlax

Nega-Mega Kecleon.jpg
Mr.Munchlax This is the first of my new Nega-Mega evolutions. With the release of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire on the horizons, as well as the recent release of the demo version from the last two weeks, I thought it would be the most fitting to kick things off by featuring a Gen III pokémon. For those of you who don't know what Nega-Mega evolution is, there's a link on the bottom for you to read, though the short version is that it's an artificial mega evolution that transforms pokémon based on their primal instincts and turns them into feral and savage monsters.

When designing Nega-Mega Kecleon, I decided to look at several kinds of chameleons (the veil chameleon, the panther chameleon, & the jackson's chameleon) and try to blend them together. There are also a few references to larger lizards such as the komodo dragon based its pose and how its arms now act like an additional pair of legs. In addition, I decided to add a lot more emphasis on Kecleon's spikes and stripes to make it look more menacing. As for its color scheme, it was partly a reversal of its usual pattern with having a green body and one red stripe, and partly based on the purple/red Kecleon that appeared in both the anime & the Mystery Dungeon games.

Now for Nega-Mega Kecleon's information:
Type: Normal
Ability: Protean
Stats: 65/160/175/140/175/45

When Kecleon nega-mega evolves, it becomes a both a physical powerhouse as well as a tank capable of taking on most hits. It also naturally gains the Protean ability so that every move it uses automatically becomes a STAB move.

This was a concept I thought of shortly before Mega Evolutions were revealed, so once they were first introduced in Japan and leaked worldwide this past summer, I decided to dub the term “Nega-Mega Evolution” since it has some similarities, but is still seen as a darker, more savage version. The simplest way to explain this idea is that it combines Mega Evolution with the special radio waves Team Rocket used in Gen II that forced pokémon to evolve and resulted in creating the Red Gyarados, but the paragraphs below provide a more scientific explanation.

Unlike regular Mega Evolutions, which require mega stones, key stones, and a strong bond with your pokémon, this transformation is activated when a pokémon is able to hear a certain high-pitched frequency through artificial means such as a hearing aid. Once the pokémon is able to hear the frequency, the sound waves act as a stimuls to certain areas of the brain that reduces their superego but heightens their id, senses, strength, stamina, blood pressure, and metabolism beyond their natural limitations—similar to overclocking a machine. As a result, the pokémon’s heightened abilities trigger another stimulus in their bodies that normally activates when evolving, forcing them to take on a new form that fully utilizes their newfound power. Once the frequency stops producing the required sound waves, or the pokémon is unable to hear them, the stimuli immediately shut down and they instantly revert back to their original form.

However, there are several drastic side effects that make Nega-Mega Evolution more dangerous and risky. First of all, the stimulus effect from the sound waves also causes a pokémon to have strong feelings of anger and frustration, and makes them more likely to go into violent tantrums or fits of rage. Second, since the sound waves heightens their id and reduces their superego, they now act solely on primal instincts and behave as feral predators that are mostly capable of fighting and destroying anything they come in contact with. Lastly, since Nega-Mega Evolution causes a pokémon to perform beyond their natural limitations, they use up too much of their energy- similar to when a computer is overheating or when you try to exercise while you're exhausted- and if they stay in this state long enough, they are at the risk of dying from fatigue and exhaustion.
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