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necromancer at heart

by kai spencer

kai spencer jasmin rushes into lysandre's lab to try an ddestroy it before he dan take back darkrai and use it to catch cresselia.
i rushed into his lab holding darkrai's pokeball in my hand. i walked past a diagram on the whiteboard. i stopped and looked at it. "oh no!" i said. he's trying to use darkrai to catch cresselia". i gasped. i went back to get calem and on my way i found a masterball. i went for it and grabbed it. i released the pokemon in it and out came victini. "oh em gee. how could you try and hurt legendary pokemon lysandre". i whispered to myself. i heard a scuffle coming from the extraction chamber. i opened the door and sitting in the chair near the extractor was calem. "calem!" i screamed. i turned the extractor off because his groans of pain were starting to make me cry. "calem i said. "jasmin" he sighed as i unclipepd him from the chair and slowly removed the knives from his shoulder. the first thing i did when i finally got him out was hug him, then i kissed him passionately. the feel of him in my arms again felt amazing. "nghhhh" he groaned as he slumped down. "calem!" i exclaimed. i noticed another knife sticking out of him. it was in his leg. i went to pull it out when i cut myself on one of the knife's he forged in darkrai's darkness. i screamed s loud as i could ;because, it hurt i mean it felt like a million hands with claws where scratching me to pieces. "jasmin!" i hear calem scream as my vision fades to blackness