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My World Just got Intresting !!

by Sasha the Eevee Master

Sasha the Eevee Master Enjoy guys!!!
We entered the doors they were a size of 2 Aggrons on standing on each others shoulders. My eyes I couldn't believe it."This place is gorgeous! I want to start my journey now guys!" I beamed looking around the room from were I stood.

'Only if Steven could see this!' I though looking around, until a hand appeared on my shoulder.
"Hey Ty what's wrong?" I asked him straight. He tilted his head and tapped the air towards double doors.

"The professor wants to see you." He informed me, I nodded to show I heard and moved towards the doors., "This way Tyson." I asked when I opened the double doors. 'bleaming heck these doors are flipping hard to open. argh!' When I opened the doors he shouted out to me "Yeah. Kai should be in there." "okay thanks Ty!" I let go of the doors at the point I walked through they slammed shut. "Oh boy. That happens all the time Frost come here!" Kai demanded. "COMMING MOTHER!" I walked over and giggled at his fac. He was fuming!! 'HAHAH' I laughed mentally at this. "Okay Frost little miss know it al-" " You said it Kai!"

"Okay Frost here is 2 poke ball. the other 2 got chosen." I picked both up and threw them in the air when they realised.
Cliff Hanger!!!
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