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My top ten favorite pokemon!

by KikiTheShinySeviper

KikiTheShinySeviper Here is the order of you can't see it.
1 Glaceon
2 Illumise
3 Emboar
4 Salamence
5 Empoleon
6 Ralts
7 Seviper
8 Deerling
9 Magneton
10 Mudkip

My first upload in creative corner. Don't judge too harshly. (The sizes are way off. Btw this is opinion! Personal faves. )
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  1. Vaporeonn
    Hm, the first time I see Illumise on someone's Top10 Favorite list, and that high too! Not to be rude, I'm just wondering why are these your favorites? It's my curiosity, I like watching Top10 Fav Pokemon videos with reasons why are they on the list, and your list seems interesting.
    ... I sometimes hate my sniffing-ness. I hope you didn't take my question the wrong way :'|;_;
    Jul 11, 2014