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My Shiny Hoenn Starters Drawing!

by Manny(SHM)

Manny(SHM) I think I messed up on Combusken. Did I?
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  1. Linkachu
    I really like this mash-up! Treecko and Grovyle look awesome in their shiny forms, too. Nice picture. :)
    Jan 9, 2015
  2. Manny(SHM)
    Thanks you guys!
    Dec 26, 2014
  3. Scar-demon the Umbreon
    Scar-demon the Umbreon
    I.... I LOVE IT!
    Nov 7, 2014
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  4. AzureEdge
    It really isn't noticeable until someone points it out. Anyway, nice job!
    Nov 7, 2014
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