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my pokemon White nuzlocke

by bluehedgehog

bluehedgehog the adventure of a pokemon trainer named justin lanchester as he goes on his quest to be the best and make money (unfinished)

(I am not going to go move by move in the battles just battle dialog and this is just for fun I own none of this)

Location: Justin’s room

Justin: I’ll give you twenty bucks to open it.

Cheren: No!

Justin: Come on dude I would open it but I’m afraid of having poisonous gas released in my face.

Cheren: And you wonder why I won’t open it.

Bianca: What you guys talking about?

Justin: What the!?

Bianca: So why haven’t you guys opened the box professor juniper left?

Justin: I’m afraid that poisonous gas is going to be released in my face.

Bianca: Why?

Justin: She dropped it off here in my room while I was sleeping.

Cheren: No smart person would open that.

Bianca: So what you’re saying is… you wanted wait for me to get here before opening it you guys are so sweet.

Justin (manipulative tone): Yeah and you know what I want you to open it.

Bianca: Okay! (Removes the top of the box)

Justin: No gas? (Runs over to the box pushing Bianca out of the way)Move!

Cheren: Well the letter attached said there are Pokémon inside for us.

Bianca: So who gets to pick first.

Justin: Me. And I pick this one.

Bianca: Do you even know what’s in that pokeball.

Justin: Of course I do (whispering to his self) please be a fire type.

(Pokeball opens and Tepig came out)

Justin: A pig wearing a hat!

(Justin in the background playing with Tepig)

Bianca: I’ll take this one (Snivy) and Cheren you can have that one.

Cheren: Well I’m not going to complain I wanted this one anyway (Oshawott) now let’s see what they can do.

Two short battles later…

Cheren: Sorry about your room Justin.

Justin: Are you kidding my room actually looks cleaner then when we started a side from the pig tracks on the ceiling.

Bianca: Let’s go thank juniper for giving us these Pokémon.

(Bianca and Cheren leave)

Justin: How am I going to explain this one?

Location: Juniper’s lab

Professor Juniper: I’m glad you are all here now I want to ask you all to take theses expensive devices known as a pokedex and go see all the Pokémon you can.

Justin: Better than staying in this town.

Juniper: So would you like to give you Pokémon a nickname?

Justin: Yeah and I’m going to call him… Spider-pig.

Bianca: Well let’s not waste time standing around here let’s go find us some Pokémon.

Location: route 1

Bianca: So Justin how did you explain what happed to your room to your mom?

Cheren: Yeah I would like to know that to.

Justin: I didn’t and I plan to be as far away from here as I can get before she sees it.

Cheren: So then maybe we should get going.

Justin: I second that.


Justin: Go, go, go, go, go, Go! (Runs off)

Location: Deeper in to route 1

Justin: Well I can’t go home now.

Spider-pig: Man she can yell.

Justin: Tell me a… wait who said that?

Spider-pig: I did.

Justin: Wait so you’re a talking Tepig?

Spider-pig: Actually all Pokémon can talk.

Justin: Interesting well let’s see what this route has to offer.

Battle begins

Justin: A Lillipup let’s catch it!

Spider-pig: So don’t kill it got it!

Battle ends Lillipup was caught

Justin: I’m going to call you Ranger.

Ranger: Let’s rock!

One training session later…

Location: Accumula Town

Ranger: Hey what’s going on over there?

Justin: Don’t know but let’s check it out.

Ghetsis: My name is Ghetsis and I am representing Team Plasma and deliver their message and that is if “Release your Pokémon from their pokeballs and free them from being enslaved by humans.” Now set them free!

Justin (hiding his face under his hat): How about NO!

Ghetsis: It does not matter if you willingly set them free from their shackles because they will be free!

Guy with green hair wherein a hat: Enough talk bring on the dancing girls!

Justin (hiding his face under his hat): YEAH!

Ghetsis: That is all!

(Plasma grunts pack up there stuff and leave with Ghetsis then so does everyone else)

Cheren: well that was stupid.

Guy with green hair wherein a hat: Tell me about it. But maybe he is right and all Pokémon should be free well at least the Pokémon that are treated as slaves.

Justin: So who are you any ways?

N: The name is N.

Justin: Is that an abbreviation or did your parents hate you?

N: Ha-ha funny. I see you have Pokémon with you let’s see how they feel towards you with a battle.

Justin: I’m game.

Cheren: Well I’m going to go now you two have fun. (Leaves)

Justin: Ready Spider-pig!

Spider-pig: Yeah this is going to be fun!

N: Well he is right this is going to be fun.

Justin: What?

Battle begins

Justin: Spider-pig make this quick!

Spider-pig: Can do!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

N: It seems they care a great deal for you.

Justin: Hold up. Before the battle you said ‘Well he is right this is going to be fun.’ Right after Spider-pig.

N: Yeah.

Justin: Tou mean to tell me you can hear what my Pokémon are saying?

N: Well I can hear all Pokémon why?

Justin: I was under the impression that only the trainer could hear their Pokémon talk.

N: This is true but I’m a special case.

Justin: Okay well I got things to do but I’ll see you around. (Leaves)

Location: route two

Spider-Pig: Hey Justin random question. Where are your shoes?

Justin: Huh?

Ranger: I was wandering the same thing.

Justin (looking at his feet): I guess I forgot to put them on and I like those shoes they had toe warmers and a built in grill plus a mini-fridge. I guess I have to use the spar in my bag but they are just regular running shoes.

Spider-pig: Now let’s see what we have on this route.

Justin: My thoughts exactly.

Battle begins

Justin: A Purrlion!

Ranger: (growl)

Justin: Chill dude I plan to catch it.

Ranger: Whatever!

Battle ends Purrlion was caught

Justin: I’m going to call you Lightning.

Ranger: (growl)

Lightning: Back off Fido!

Spider-pig: This is going to be a long journey.

Justin: Tell me about it.

One training session later…

R.I.P Lightning

Justin: Well she didn’t last long.

Ranger (sarcastically): Oh no that’s so terrible and we were such good friends.

A little more training and several trainer battles later…

Location: Striaton city

Justin: What do you mean the gym leader isn’t here?

Guy: Just that. They are not here come back later.

Justin: Pain in my…(sigh) fine lets go train in that forest looking area over there.

Several trainer battles later…

Location: dream yard

Lady: Hey you trainer.

Justin: The name is Justin T. Lanchester and what’s up?

Lady: Here take this Pansage he just … look just take him.

Justin: Okay sure.

Lady: I’m final rid of that monkey! (Runs of cheering)

Justin: Umm Okay? Let’s call you Joseph.

Joseph: Thank Arceus I don’t have to deal with her she was trying to sell my art work.

Justin: And here I thought you were not listening to her.

Joseph: That to.

Justin: I have to ask why.

Joseph: she had no idea what she was doing… and it just accrued to me that you can understand what I’m saying.

Justin: Yeah.

Joseph: Well she wasn’t able to hear me.

Justin: Huh I wonder why … and now I could care less let’s go train.

One training session later…

Location: Trainer school

Cheren: Justin what are you doing here you hate everything that has to do with education.

Justin: Yeah I do but I got bored and say you come in here so I thought I challenge you to a battle.

Cheren: You’re on.

Battle begins

Justin: Joseph you up first!

Joseph: This will not take long!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Cheren: Well I see you around and next time I’m going to beat you.

Justin: Good luck with that. Now to challenge the gym.

Several gym trainers later…

Location: gym

Justin: Alright I’m here to win a badge and… oh my Arceus they are multiplying!

Leader Cress: Only one of us is going to fight you but who depends on what type you starter is.

Leader Chili: So what type is your starter?

Justin: A fire type.

Leader Cilan: So then Cress here is going to be your opponent.

Leader Cress: I will warn you I am the strongest of the three of us.

Justin: Good I like a challenge.

Battle begins

Justin: Joseph make this quick!

Joseph: Can do!

Thirteen minutes later…

Ranger: My turn!

Joseph: Be my guest!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the trio badge plus a CD

Justin: One badge down and Ummm (counting using his fingers) a number to go.

Cress: How did I lose to him?

Chili: Maybe you’re losing your edge.

Location: outside the gym

Professor Fennel: Justin I’m professor Fennel a friend of juniper she told me you were heading this way and I could use some help.

Justin: Ummm sure I’ll help what is it I need to do?

Fennel: Go to the dream yard and get me some dream mist.

Justin: Ummm… okay how?

Fennel: A Pokémon called Munna releases it from its body.

Justin: So you want me to get one to fart in a jar? You have issues but okay. (Leaves)

Location: dream yard

Bianca: Justin! Are you here looking for the mysterious Pokémon too.

Justin: If it’s called Munna then yes.

Bianca: Yeah that’s it I want one of them why are you looking for it?

Justin: Some professor wants me to get one to fart in a jar so she can analyze it.

Bianca: I don’t know ow to respond to that.

Justin: Me either. Either way why don’t we look together?

Bianca: Okay.

Ten seconds later…

Justin: Well that didn’t take long. Now to get the dream mist and leave.

Bianca: You found one and who are they?

Grunt 1: we are team plasma and give us the dream mist you pink runt (Munna)

Grunt 2: fine we will do this the hard way.

(Both grunts start kicking Munna)

Bianca: Stop that what kind of person would do that to a defenseless Pokémon.

Justin: (raises hand) Umm… To be honest that was my plan B.

Grunt1: Looks like we need to make an example out of one of you and… you! (Pointing to Justin)

Justin: Wait what did I… oh never mind.

Battle begins

Justin: Joseph your up!

Joseph: Wait why are we staring with me!? Why not Spider-Pig!?

Spider-Pig (waking up from a nap): Huh what.

Justin: Because I said so and forgot to change my line up now battle!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Grunt 2: You weakling here let me show you how it’s done.

One short and pointless grunt battle later…

Grunt2: How did I lose?

Ghetsis: You two my office now!

Grunt1: It must be one of his holograms nothing to worry about now where was I… oh yeah getting the dream mist.

Ghetsis hologram: My office now or I’m coming down there and humiliating you more then you already have been!

Grunt2: We better go. (Leaves with grunt1)

Justin: Okay now that that is over I need this think to fart in a jar for the professor. And now there is a bigger one.

Bianca: It must be its mother.

Justin: Personally I don’t care I just need the dream mist.

(Munna fills the jar with dream mist)

Fennel: You were taking too long so I came to see what the holdup is. Hey that’s a Musharna.

Justin: Yeah cool whatever you just saved me the trip so here is your fart in a jar and now I’m leaving. (Leaves)

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: route 3

Cheren: Justin holdup!

Justin: Holy distortion world where did you come from!?

Cheren: I heard you beat the gym back there and since we both have a badge from that gym…

Justin (cutting off Cheren): and you wanna battle.

Cheren: Yeah.

Justin: You’re on!

Battle begins

Justin: Spider-Pig make this quick!

Spider-Pig: It will be!

Ten minutes later…

Spider-Pig: Joseph switch with me!

Joseph: Only because I have a type advantage!

Five minutes later…

Ranger: I wanna go at this I haven’t done anything in a while!

Joseph: Okay you don’t have to be pushy!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Cheren: We both have the same number of badges we should be…

Justin (cutting off Cheren): No we will never be evenly matched.

Plasma grunts: Move peons!

Bianca: Which why did they go?

Cheren: that way.

Justin: so why are you chasing them?

Little girl: They too my Pokémon.

Justin: Okay I’ll be back.

Cheren: I think there is a cave at the end of this road here but it’s a dead end.

Justin: I’ll me you there I wanna see what Pokémon are on this route first.

Cheren: Okay.

Battle begins

Justin: Oh cool a Pidove!

Spider-Pig: I got this!

Battle ends Pidove was caught

Justin: Let’s call you Wildstar.

Wildstar: I over herd what was going on and it’s just not right taking a child’s Pokémon I mean who dose this?

Justin: Team plasma now let’s get you trained up so you can fight them.

Wildstar: Then what are we waiting for?

One training session later…

Location: Well spring cave

Cheren: Justin what took you?

Justin: Training. And as for you two you have to admit it was pretty stupid to run into a cave with one way in and out.

Plasma grunt1: shut up!

Plasma grunt2: That’s it you’re going down kid.

Cheren: You shouldn’t have said that.

Justin: (inhales waits a bit and then exhales) Oh you’re done.

Two short battles later…

Plasma grunts: Here take the Pokémon we took! Run! (Throws smoke bomb)

Justin: (cough) I need some of those.

Cheren: I know right.

Location: route 3

Justin: Here is your Pokémon.

Little girl: Thank you so much.

Cheren: Yeah but team plasma got away.

Bianca: I and so lucky to have friends like…

Justin: Bye!

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: Nacrene city

Ranger: Wow look at this place.

Wildstar: Yeah it sucks.

Ranger: I know.

Justin: Hey isn’t there a gym here?

Spider-Pig: well let’s go see if we can find it.

Several hours of walking later….

Justin: AAAAaaaah! Where in the Distortion World is the gym!?

Joseph: Justin chill out.

Justin: Yeah know what we are going to train just to calm my nerves and maybe get a new team member on the route over there.

Location: outside pinwheel forest

Battle begins

Justin: It’s a… (Sigh) Tympole!

Joseph: So catch yes or no?!

Justin: No… wait yeah why not let’s catch it!

Battle ends Tympole was caught

Justin: Ummm let’s call her… Um Lilly.

Lilly: Really?

Justin: Yeah deal with it.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Justin: Aahh who tuned on the high beams? (Puts on sunglasses)

Ranger: I’m glowing and I’m scared!

Spider-Pig: Sucks to be you. Oh and when you explode try on to get on my new shades.

Ranger: I’m feeling the love here.

Wildstar: Hey you stopped glowing.

Ranger: And I look amazing!

Lilly: Yeah you actually look like a dog instead of a fluffy rat.

Justin: Okay let’s get back to training.

Some more training later…

Location: outside the Nacrene museum

N: Dude…battle.

Justin: Okay.

Battle begins

Justin: Show him what you got Spider-Pig!

Spider-Pig: He is going down!

Ten minutes later…

Joseph: My turn!

Spider-Pig: Go for it!

Eleven minutes later…

Joseph: Wildstar you want a swing at this!?

Wildstar: Yeah!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

N: What is the truth? What are ideals? Is the truth truly ideals?

Justin: What? Are you high?

N: I’m not low. (Gasp) Must chase zebra! (Runs off)

Joseph: What?

Justin: I don’t know.

Location: inside the Nacrene museum

Hawes: Every time I look at this… (Turns around) huh? Aah I’m Hawes the assistant director here.

Justin: Yeah good for you hey by any chance…

Hawes: Here let me give you the tour here.

Justin: Actually I hate history soooo… no.

Hawes: Great come with me!

Justin: What? No! I hate museums!

One long and annoying tour later…

Hawes: and this stone… we don’t know anything about it but there is something about it that draws a crowd. And up those stairs is the gym which is run by…

Justin: (snore) Huh a gym! Gyms aren’t boring! (Runs up the stairs to the gym leaving a dust cloud behind him)

Hawes: … my wife…

After hours of pointless reading and several gym trainers later...

Location: gym

Justin: (covering his eyes) Aahh who turned on the lights?

Lilly: It’s Spider-Pig and he is evolving.

Justin: Oh well hurry up.

Spider-Pig: Could you be any more impatient?

Justin: Yes I could.

A few more gym trainers later…

Justin: Alright here is how it’s going to go we are going to exchange witty banter and…

Leader Lenora: An’t nobody got time for dat. We battle now!

Battle begins

Justin: Alright show her what we are made of Spider-Pig!

Spider-Pig: oink, oink mother…

Justin: Whoa, whoa dude you can say that in a Nuzlocke!

Spider-Pig: What ‘Oinker’?

Justin: Never mind.

Twenty minutes later…

Spider-Pig: WHOOOO! This is going way better than I thought I would! Alright what’s next I can take it!

(Watchog uses retaliate and avenges its fallen comrade’s death my brutally murdering Spider-Pig)

Justin: Well we are sooo screwed now!

Lilly: Let me in there I can take ‘em!

(Watchog uses retaliate and brutally murders Lilly)

Justin: Umm… Wildstar?

Wildstar: This is so not going to end well!

(Wildstar is brutally murdered)

Justin: Wow I suck at this!

Ranger: That’s it I’m going in!

Twenty six minutes later…

Ranger: ZZZZZ…..

(Watchog uses crunch biting Ranger’s head clean off)

Justin: Well Muk! It’s all up to you Joseph!

Joseph: I don’t wanna! I don’t wanna!

Battle ends….

Justin is the winner!!! (By the skin of my teeth) and got the basic badge plus a CD

Joseph (closing his eyes in fear that he has to fight another opponent): Is it over?

Justin: Yes it is and that Arceus for that.

Hawes (running into the room): Deeaaar!

Lenora: What is it?

Hawes: Team plasma is threatening to steal some of the bones here in the museum!

Lenora: That’s not good. Justin! You’re coming too! (Leaves with Hawes)

Justin: In fear that she will kill me I am going to do what she says!

Joseph: Good plan. But what about the others?

Justin: We burry them when we get the chance.

Location: Nacrene museum

Lenora: You fools better leave now or things are going to get uglier than my mother in laws face!

Hawes: And here I thought you like my mother.

Lenora: We will talk later!

Plasma grunt: good now that you are here we are going to steal the Dragonite skull in the name of liberation!

Justin: Okay two questions, first why did you wait for us to get here? And second “liberation”?

Plasma grunt: uh shut up! (Throws smoke bomb)

(Smoke fills the room and when it clears the Dragonite skull is gone along with all of the plasma grunts)

Lenora: AFTER THEM!!! (Runs off followed by Hawes)

Justin: now might be a good time to burry my dead team members.

Four sad funerals later…

R.I.P Spider-Pig, Lilly, Wildstar, and Ranger

Location: Nacrene city

???: Hey Lenora…

Lenora: An’t nobody got time for chit chat Burgh! I need help chasing after team plasma the stole a skull from the museum!

Burgh: okay we will talk later but I think I saw a group of suspicious people run off in the direction of the Pinwheel forest and I think I saw some head in the direction of route 3…

Bianca: hey what is everybody talking about?

Cheren: Is something wrong?

Lenora: Shut up help find stolen skull!

Location: inside Pinwheel forest (and yes I am counting theses as separate routes)

Joseph: Hey look a grunt!

Plasma grunt: They will never catch me!

Justin (blocking the grunts path): oh look I caught you.

Plasma grunt: If you want that skull you will have to battle for it!

One annoying battle later…

Plasma grunt: Ha! You have wasted your time I don’t have the skull! (Throws a smoke bomb)

Justin: We will worry about him later we need a new team member.

Battle begins

Justin: It’s a…Venipede… I don’t know what I was expecting.

Joseph: Hey it’s better than nothing at this point.

Justin: True, true.

Battle ends Venipede was caught

Justin: I’m feeling like I should call her… Vampira.

Vampira: Why? Just Why?

Justin: I am running out of names okay.

(Quick question on what levels do you think I am screwed on? Did you say all of them? Then you are correct.)

One training session several trainer battles and grunt battles later…