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My pokemon Soul silver nuzlocke: my pokemon soul silver Nuzlocke part 2

by bluehedgehog

bluehedgehog the rest of the adventure of a pokemon trainer named justin lanchester as he goes on his quest to be the best and make money
Nuzlocke part 2
(I am not going to go move by move in the battles just battle dialog and this is just for fun I own none of this)
Location: observation deck of the radio tower
???: It took you longer to get here than I anticipated.
Justin: We meet for the first time for the last time… wait… yeah.
???: You have skills to bad you have come this far just to fail. (Turns around)
Justin: NO! It can’t be! It’s not possible!
Archer: Yes it is I Archer!
Justin: Who?
Archer: Never mind let’s just battle.
Justin: Now we are talking!
Battle begins
Justin: Dr.Fate do your thing!
Dr.Fate: This won’t be long!
Thirty two minutes later…
Dr.Fate: Tag out! Tag out!
Kakashi: My turn!
Battle end Justin is the winner
Archer: Well looks like we failed and will have to disband again. (Throws a smoke bomb)
Director: looks like I missed the fight oh well here take this silver wing. Why don’t you go seek out the Pokémon it came from the kimono girls can help you with that.
Justin: Okay then… Am I ever going to get to the eighth gym? You know what no I’m going to get my badge before I do anything else. (Leaves)
One training session and several trainer battles later…
Location: Ice path
Battle begins
Justin: Hey it’s a Swinub!
Dr.Fate: Don’t kill it got it!
Battle ends Swinub was caught
Justin: And your name will be… Manny!
Manny: Oh like the mammoth from Ice age.
Justin: Yep.
Many: Cool.
One training session and several trainer battles later…
Location: blackthorn city
Justin: To the gym!
Joseph: Not till we worm up it was cold in there!
One rest later…
Justin: Now to the gym!
Several gym trainers later…
Kakashi: Hey look Manny is evolving.
Justin: Alright if we are all done evolving right now can we get going?
Even more gym trainers
Justin: hold up every one.
Manny: What’s up?
Justin: I think we should go and get another team member.
Amber: Now?
Justin: Yeah.
Amber: Okay then.
Location: route 45
Battle begins
Justin: Aaaw Look it’s a Teddiursa!
Many: Can we keep it?!
Battle ends Teddiursa was caught
Justin: We are going to call you Ted.
Ted: Don’t start with the “Aaaw it’s so cute” thing or I will mess you up.
Justin: Okay then.
One training session several trainer battles and several gym trainers later…
Justin: Now Ted is evolving Joseph your falling behind here man.
Joseph: This just isn’t fair.
Even more gym trainers later…
Justin: Alright time to get my final gym badge.
Leader Clair: you think you have what it takes to defeat my dragon Pokémon.
Justin: Considering that I just beat a bunch of dragon Pokémon before getting here yes.
Battle begins
Justin: Manny make this quick!
Manny: You got it!
Thirty four minutes later…
Manny: Kakashi you want a turn!?
Kakashi: Sure why not!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Justin: Huh I thought that would be tougher?
Clair: Well to bad no badge for you.
Justin: Wanna run that by me again.
Clair: I don’t think you are worthy enough. Maybe if you pass the test that I have never passed I will consider it.
Justin: Is that so?
One pointless test later…
Location: dragons den
Elder: Justin you pass with flying colors.
Clair: What!?
Justin: What now!?
Elder: Now give him the badge.
Clair: Fine.
Justin: Now to go see the Kimono girls about this sliver wing… (Phone rings) Elm … Reward!? See you at you lab!
Elder: Hold on a second Justin. Clair give him the CD as well.
Clair: It’s just not fair.
Justin got the Rising badge and a CD
Justin: Alright I’m leaving now. (Leaves)
Some training later…
Justin: Joseph it took you long enough.
Joseph: Yeah I know and I hate that I am the last to evolve. That’s just messed up.
One pointless trip later…
Location: Elm’s lab
Elm: Justin here take this purple pokeball.
Justin: That’s it?
Elm: Yep oh and the Kimono girls are waiting for you at the dance theater. Now get out. (Pushes Justin out the door)
One training session later…
Location: Ecruteak city
Chaos: How is it possible I lost to those girls!? No matter I have bigger fish to fry… Justin. Here to fight the kimono girls I see and if I can’t beat them you don’t stand a ghost of a chance. (Leaves)
Justin: RRRRR.
Location: Ecruteak dance theater
Justin: Yeah I’m looking for someone who can help me fine the Pokémon that this wing came from (holds up the silver wing) and I heard someone here could help.
All five Kimono girls: We can help you but you must beat us all in a battle to prove your worth.
Justin: Fine whatever let’s just get this over with.
Five Pointless battles later…
Kimono girl #5: Here take this bell and meet us at the whirl islands.
Justin: And where is that?
Kimono girl #3: In the middle of route 40.
Justin: Wait! You mean the route made of only water and a few islands?
Kimono girl #1: Yep and those islands are the whirl islands.
Justin: Yeah that’s what I was afraid of… Is there a boat or something I can take there?
Kimono girl #4: No you have to ride on you water type Pokémon to get there.
Justin: Are you sure there is no other way?
Kimono girl #2: No there isn’t.
All five Kimono girls: We will see you there! (Leaves)
Justin: Oh boy. (Leaves)
Location: route 40
Justin: Okay here goes nothing. (Throws out a pokeball)
(Pokeball opens and Fishy Fish is let out of the ball)
Fishy Fish: (Godzilla roar)
Justin (getting on Fishy Fish’s back): I am so going to die.
One extremely dangerous ride later…
Location: route 41
(Fishy Fish flailing around trying to throw Justin off his back)
Justin (Holding on for his life): SOMEBODY HELP ME! (Gets tossed off Fishy Fish landing on one of the Whirl Islands)
Fishy Fish: (Godzilla roar)
Justin: No! Get back… in the… ball! (Fishy Fish returns to the pokeball) I real don’t want to do that again.
Location: Whirl Islands
Battle begins
Justin: Hey a Seel!
Joseph: I got this!
Battle ends Seel was caught
Justin: I know we will call him Aqua Man!
Aqua Man: What? Oh come on he is the worst hero ever.
Justin: Hey you are only going to be used as a means of transportation to the Elite Four.
Aqua man was sent to the PC
One training session later…
All five Kimono girls: Okay Justin sit tight while we summon Lugia.
Justin: Okay then.
One summoning later…
All five Kimono girls: so before you catch Lugia we would like to know why.
Justin: Oh I’m not catching it I’m going to kill it.
All five Kimono girls: WHY!?
Justin: Because I can.
Battle begins
Lugia: Kill me!? Don’t make we laugh!
Justin: Huh who would have thought you could talk maybe I won’t kill you maybe I will just beat you within an inch of your life now Joseph shut him up!
Joseph: Consider it done!
Lugia: We will see about that!
Battle ends Justin is the winner and Lugia was beaten within an inch of his life
Justin: Well I did what I came to do now to fight the elite four. (Leaves)
One training session and several trainer battles later…
Location: Tojo falls

Justin: A Slowpoke cool!
Manny: Don’t kill it got it!
Battle ends Slowpoke was not caught Manny killed it
Justin: (Sigh) Okay let’s just go.
More training and trainer battles later…
Location: victory road
Justin: Alright we finally made it to the end.
Chaos: Justin!
Justin: Aaaa yes I was hoping to destroy you before I fought the elite four.
Chaos: I was thinking the same thing.
Battle ends
Justin: Amber you know the drill!
Amber: Don’t worry I got this!
One hour later…
Amber: Alright I need a rest Kakashi your up!
Kakashi: They don’t stand a chance against me!
One hour later…
Kakashi: Dr.Fate!
Dr.Fate: I’ll take it from here!
Two hours later…
Dr.Fate: Joseph your turn!
Joseph: This is going to be fun!
Thirty nine minutes later…
Joseph: Manny you want to take a swing at this!?
Manny: Let me at them!
Three hours later…
Manny: Ted your up!
Ted: Time to party!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Justin: Don’t make me regret letting you live. (Leaves)
Chaos: …
Location: Indigo Plateau
Justin: Alright everyone you all ready?!
Everyone: YEAH!
Location: elite four room one
Elite four Will: I will be your first opponent here.
Justin: Shut up and battle.
Battle begins
Justin: Joseph your up!
Joseph: This will be quick!
One hour later…
Joseph: Kakashi your turn!
Kakashi: Let’s rock!
Two hours later…
Kakashi: Amber switch with me!
Amber: Alright!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Will: Respect now go forth and…
Justin: Shut up! (Leaves)
Location: elite four room two
Elite four Koga: Hello young grass hopper.
Justin: What a ninja how is this fair?
Elite four Koga: Fair is only fair to the fair of the unfair.
Justin: What? You know what sorry I asked let’s just battle.
Battle begins
Justin: Ted!
Ted: Time to rock and roll!
Three hours later…
Ted: Well I’m beat amber you take over!
Amber: Arceus you are lazy!
Four hours later…
Joseph: Amber tag me in!
Amber: You got it!
One hour later…
Kakashi you want a turn!?
Kakashi: This is going to be fun!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Koga: Well done grasshopper.
Justin: just open the door so I can leave.
Location: elite four room three
Elite four Bruno: Battle!
Justin: Alright!
Battle begins
Justin: Dr.Fate your up!
Dr.Fate: This will not take long!
One hour later…
Amber: My turn!
Dr.Fate: Knock yourself out!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Bruno: Good battle.
Justin: Bye. (Leaves)
Location: elite four room four
Justin: Okay let’s just get this over with okay
Elite four Karen: Yeah sure.
Battle begins
Justin: Ted make this quick!
Ted: You got it!
One hour later…
Ted: Tag out!
Kakashi: Looks like I’m up!
Two hours and ten minutes later…
Kakashi: Dr.Fate wrap this up!
Dr.Fate: Considerate done!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Justin: So that’s it wow do I get a trophy or something?
Karen: no now you fight the champion he use dragon types just so you know.
Justin: Aaaw no fair dragons they are…Wait did you say dragons oh never mind I go this. (Leaves)
Location: Champion room
Justin: Why am I not surprised.
Champion Lance: (sigh) she told you I use dragons?
Justin: Yeah.
Champion Lance: Let’s just get this over with.
Battle begins
Justin: Manny you know the drill!
Manny: This will not take long!
Two hours later…
Manny: Okay I lied Ted!
Ted: I got this!
One hour later…
Ted: Okay board now Joseph your up!
Joseph: I’ll finish this!
Battle ends Justin is the winner
Lance: okay now follow me in…
Oak: Aaaa Justin it’s been a while and I see you have become the champion.
Reporter: I have to have an interview with the new champion.
Lance: Quick escape plan alpha!
(Justin and lance run into the other room)
Location: Hall of fame
Lance: This is the hall of fame where we keep record of all the champions.
Justin: Cool.
Lance: Now to take a picture to use for your file…now everybody ready?
(Justin and company pose for the picture)
Justin: Ready!
Lance: Three… two…one!
The end