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my Pokemon emerald Nuzlocke: My pokemon Emerald nuzlocke epilogue

by bluehedgehog

Emerald epilogue

Ten years since Hoenn was almost destroyed by team aqua and magma…

Location: route 110

Champion Justin (tossing and catching a needle): I am so glad I still have contacts in Kanto and thanks to them Ranger will finally be able to battle again. All I have to do is inject him with these organic computer chips I had specially made by Silph.co to only work on Ranger.

Location: Justin’s secret base

Champion Justin: Okay Ranger just hold still.

Ranger: Get that needle away from me!

Kaitlynn: Just sit still!

Ranger: Forget that! He has a needle!

Champion Justin: Look I hate them as much as you do but hold… (Ranger jumps and bites Justin’s arm) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Get him off! GET him off!

Three hours of trying to get ranger to sit still later…

Champion Justin: Okay not that’s over and the bleeding has finally stopped Ranger should be able to battle again.

Goddess: Okay why did you go through all this trouble just so he could battle again?

Sean: Justin probable felt like it was his fault for what happened to Ranger.

Mr. Fish: Yeah that’s probably it.

Krystal: Is that right?

Champion Justin: Actually I received a letter saying someone wanted to challenge the undefeated champion of the Hoen region. And I wanted to have a full party and Ranger was the best choice.

Ranger: I can’t say I’m surprised. Well you should tell your family your back.

Champion Justin: Ummm let’s not tell them just yet I told them I was going back to Kanto to work on a project at Silph Co. and did not tell them when I was coming back and I don’t feel like being yelled at for that.

Location: route 111

Champion Justin: So Ranger what has been going on since I left?

Ranger: Well the twins finally left on their own journey both taking a Ralts with them.

Champion Justin: Well that’s interesting so I can assume that the challenge was issued with by them or just my son.

Ranger: No they only left a week ago and your daughter Krystal plans to take over the gym one day. Clark on the other hand said his journey will not end until he can beat you in a battle and nock you off you high horse. His works not mine.

Champion Justin: Well we are not going to see Clark for quite some time then after all I’m unbeatable.

Goddess(sarcastically): I wonder why he want to beat you so bad it’s not like you gloat about being the undefeated champion or anything.

Champion Justin: Yeah I know.

Kaitlynn: How is it I have put up with his stupidity this long?

Sean: I don’t know why have you?

Kaitlynn: It was a rhetorical question. And no I’m not telling you why.

Mr. Fish: I feel bad for his kids.

Champion Justin: HEY! I am a great Father! I’m just not home a lot because of my job so I don’t see them a lot! It’s not like it’s my fault!

Krystal: Okay Justin relax. Hey maybe it’s from weeps-allot?

Mr. Fish: No can’t be him last I heard he was training and forgot why Then left the region and something about starting an organization called Team Plasma.

Sean: So he just forgot about how we are the reason he went through years of therapy and was almost committed for his renting about a fire chicken?

Krystal: I guess so.

Location: route 113

Kaitlynn: So how was Kanto?

Champion Justin: Surprisingly quiet and calm.

Krystal: What do you mean?

Champion Justin: Well when I left there was a criminal organization running everything and blowing things up for fun and stealing Pokémon.

Sean: That’s awful.

Champion Justin: Yeah and it turns out my old buddy Red defeated them before disappearing on Mt. Silver the mountain separating Kanto and Johto.

Mr. Fish: how do you know he is still on that mountain?

Champion Justin: That’s the thing I have known him for ever and he would have left after a while he never could stay one place for too long and while Silph.co where testing the organic computer chips I went and traveled through Johto catching some Pokémon and looking for Red.

Ranger: Did you ever find him?

Champion Justin: No but I ran into this kid who was leaving the mountain and he said that he just finished battling someone with his description and after hearing that I searched the whole mountain and all I found where some foot prints on the top of the mountain heading in the opposite direction of the exit and so I followed them to the bottom of the mountain and then they disappeared.

Goddess: So the letter could be from him.

Champion Justin: Not likely his hand writing is similar to mine and the letter was hand written. But at least the trip wasn’t a total loss I defeated the gyms and elite four in both regions.

Kaitlynn: Not a big surprise. Ever since I have known you, you could never pass up a challenge.

Champion Justin: (laughing) I’m I really that predictable?

Location: route 114

Ranger: So where are you supposed to me this challenger anyway?

Champion Justin: Somewhere in meteor falls.

Mr. Fish: Why would they choose to fight you there?

Champion Justin: Beats me.

Sean: So where exactly in meteor falls are you two supposed to fight?

Champion Justin: Dunno the letter said something about a secrete cavern that has just appeared and it seemed appropriate an off the record challenge with the Hoenn champion in a secrete cavern that no one knows about yet.

Kaitlynn: So what does this person look like did they tell you what they look like?

Champion Justin: Nope.

Goddess: Did they mention how to get to this cavern?

Champion Justin: I wish a map on the back would have been helpful.

Krystal: So you’re going in blind and hoping to find this cavern and that the challenger is going to see you and call you out?

Champion Justin: Like I do everything else follow my gut a hope it gets me free bacon.

Kaitlynn: At the start of our journey I was hoping you would get smarter.

Champion Justin: And I most certainly did.

Kaitlynn: No. No you did not. In fact I think you have gotten worse.

Champion Justin(sarcastically): Ha-ha very funny.

Narrator: Who is this mysterious challenger and will our…

Justin: Hold up since when do we have a narrator?

Narrator: Four wall man your breaking the fourth wall.

Justin: With a wrecking ball and who said you could narrate this?

Narrator: I don’t have to take this from you I work for the next work not you.

Justin: Network? This ain’t no TV show. And last I check my life while awesome dos not nee d to me narrated so get lost old man.

Narrator: What are you…?

Justin: That’s right out you go.

Narrator (slightly faded): Hey you can’t… but…

(Sound: door slamming)

Justin: Alright now back to business now where we? ... Oh right!

Location: secrete cavern in meteor falls

???: Justin!

Kaitlynn: You got lucky.

Champion Justin: Steven? You sent that letter you could have sent a map with it you know!

Steven: But it seems you didn’t have any issues finding this cavern.

Champion Justin: Are you kidding I got so lost I had to ask a rock for directions!

Steven: You talked to a Geodude?

Champion Justin: No an actual rock! Like the kind you use to smash windows and skulls.

Steven: I bet you are wondering why I would issue this challenge.

Champion Justin: Yeah I am.

Steven: Well the reason is I used to be the Hoenn champion undefeated for ten years until I retired.

Champion Justin: And you don’t want we to beat your record I see.

True Champion Steven: And Wallace is nothing but a novice compared to me so now you are going to face the best trainer the Hoenn region has ever seen.

Champion Justin: Wallace is a novice he only had water types on his team I have gotten a better challenges on the back of cereal boxes.

True Champion Steven: true but let’s see what you’re really made of.

Champion Justin: I’ll take your bet but you’re going to regret because I’m the best there’s ever been! (Devil went down to Georgia reference if you didn’t get it.)

Battle begins

Justin: Goddess you’re up first!

Goddess: Time to make an old man cry!

Seven hours later…

Goddess: Mr. Fish your turn!

Mr. Fish: Alright!

Five hours and fifteen minutes later…

Kaitlynn: My turn!

Mr. Fish: Don’t let me stop you!

Eight and a half hours later…

Kaitlynn: Krystal your up!

Krystal: Time to wreck house!

Four hours later…

Krystal: Sean you wanna take a swing at this!

Sean: Beast mode engaged!

Nine hours and six minutes later…

Ranger: Okay I’ve been out of the game long enough it’s my turn!

Sean: Go for it bro!

Three hours later…

Sean: Goddess you want to wrap this up!?

Goddess: Gladly!

Two hours later…

Goddess: Okay tag out!

Kaitlynn: I got this!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Steven: I have truly been bested by someone better than me.

Grand champion Justin: That’s right I’m the best! And I told you one you son of a (bleep)… wait did that just (bleep)ing happened? What the (bleep). Well time to head home and get yelled at for not coming back sooner. (Leaves)

The End