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My pokemon emerald nuzlocke 2: my Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke 2

by bluehedgehog

bluehedgehog i wanted to do this because of how psyched I am for November nuf said.(unfinished)
Emerald Nuzlocke 2

(Okay I have done enough of these that you know how I do this)

Location: Littleroot town

(A ton of boxes fall out of a moving tuck)

Mom: Justin did you have fun riding in the back with all our stuff?

Justin (climbing out from under the boxes): Who dose this to their child!? And what do you me “our” stuff? This truck has all of your stuff none of my stuff was even in this truck or the last one!

Mom: Don’t you take that tone with me!? Now your dad bought you a new clock for your room go set it.

One clock setting later…

Location: Justin’s house

Justin: Okay I am going for a walk.

Mom: Hey your dad is on TV!

Justin: And?

Mom: And I’m not watching Hoenn’s wildest police chases.

Justin (walking over to the TV): Really? This I got to see.

Mom: And it over.

Justin: In that case I am out of here.

Mom: Why don’t you say hi to our new neighbors you dad knows them pretty well.

Justin: Yeah whatever. (Puts head set in and leaves)

One pointless conversation later…

Location: May’s room

Justin: Hey look a diary that could be and interesting read.

(Justin starts to walk toward the diary)

Girl running into the room: Mites off the box!

Justin: Umm… (Inner thoughts: okay how am I going to talk my why out of this?... I got it!) Hey all I did was picked it up off the floor. Something like that you shouldn’t leave on the floor where anyone without class and respect for people’s property could find it.

May: Oh well thanks sorry about that by the way I am May my dad is professor Birch.

Justin: The name is Justin T. Lanchester.

May: What does the “T” stand for?

Justin: If I told you I would have to kill you and everyone within a five mile riotous.

May: Okay then.

Justin: Well I’m going to leave and leave you to whatever you are going to do. (Leaves)

Location: Edge of Littleroot

Justin: Small town. Two houses and a lab and what looks like room for another building.

???: Someone help!!!

Justin: Oh and here I thought I was going to die of boredom something interesting happens.

Location: route 101

(A man is running around being chased by a Zigzagoon the looks like all it wants it the candy bar in the man’s pocket)

Man being chased: you there young squire! Go into my bag and use one of the Pokémon in it to help me!

Justin: Squire? Whatever let’s see what he has in here (starts rummaging through the man’s bag) ah here we go!

(Justin throws a pokeball and a Torchic come out of it)

Justin: Oh yes. This is going to be fun.

One battle later…

Man: Thank you squire come with me and I will reward you for helping me.

Justin: Okay but who are you?

Prof. Birch: I am the amazing Pokémon professor Birch.

Justin (muttering to himself): More like mentally challenged.

Birch: What?

Justin: Nothing.

Location: Birch’s lab

Birch: Okay squire as a reward I will let you keep that Torchic. What would you like to call it?

Justin: Personally I thought was getting paid but this works hmm let’s call you… Markus.

Birch: Well now that you have your own Pokémon can you do me a favor and tell my daughter to come see me here and come back here when you’re done.

Justin: I am starting to feel like an errand boy. (Leaves)

Location: outside the lab

Markus: Finally I was getting sick of him calling everyone “squire”.

Justin: I hear that.

Markus: Wait doesn’t the fact that I am talking concern you?

Justin: I had a lot of boxes land on my head while I was in that moving truck so I am going with I have serious brain damage. And frankly as long as I don’t start seeing talking trees I am going to pretend that talking Pokémon is a normal thing.

Markus: Ah okay.

One training session later…

Location: route 103

Justin: Hey May.

May: Oh hey. Hey wait is that a Pokémon?

Justin: Yeah.

May: then that means we must battle!

Justin: wait hold up why?

May: When two trainer’s eyes’ meet the have to battle. It’s the law now… battle!

Battle begin

Justin: Alright Markus your up!

Markus: As if there was any other choice!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Justin: Now that that is over your dad said he wanted to see us back at his lab.

May: Okay I’ll race you!

Location: birch’s lab

Birch: Okay now that you are both here squire take this super expensive super rare shiny pokedex and some pokeballs too.

Justin: Okay a couple questions first why is the pokedex blue I thought they were supposed to be red second why?

Birch: It’s a shiny. And because I need you to help me gather data on all the Pokémon in Hoenn!

Justin (tossing the pokedex in the air relatedly): Yeah no promise on the “all” part but…

(Justin drops the pokedex on the floor and its battery pops out like when you drop your phone on the ground unlike an iPhone those just break)

Justin (quickly pick up the dex popping the battery back in): but I will see what I can do. (Puts dex in his inside coat pocket and leaves)

One training session later

Location: route 103

Justin: Well this looks like a good place to catch a new team member.

Battle begins

Justin: A Wingull! Nice!

Markus: I got this!

Battle ends Wingull was caught

Justin: Alright let’s call her… Yuna.

Yuna: Oh! Oh! Look a shiny leaf!

Justin: And I thought my ADHD … Holy Muk! A stick with a leaf on it!

One training session later…

Location: route 102

Battle begins

Justin: Hey cool a Poochyena!

Yuna: Oh! My turn! My turn!

Battle ends Poochyena was caught

Justin: Now what to call her… any ideas?

Markus: how about Nymph?

Justin: Works for me.

Nymph: Hey you guys got any snacks?

One training session and several trainer battles later…

(Okay how is this fair I run into a Ralts after getting Nymph it’s not and a ton of Mexican stereo types also known as Lotad. Man I hate those things)

Location: Petalburg city

Justin: Huh. So this is Petalburg city I should probably stop by the gym.

Yuna: Yeah you probably should you look a little out of shape.

Justin: Not that kind of gym the kind with a leader and where you get a badge when you beat said leader.

Nymph: So why would your dad be at the gym? Is he a trainer like you?

Justin: No he is the gym leader.

Nymph: You’re joking right.

Justin: Nope. He also likes to think he is the best gym leader in the region.

Yuna: So you want to take knock him off his high Rapidash?

Justin: Of course I do.

Nymph: I hope he has snacks.

Location: gym

Glen (dad): Ah Justin could stand being near you mother anymore.

Justin: Yeah pretty much. I am also here to…

(Justin gets knocked down by a kid with green hair)

Justin (getting off the ground): What the distortion world dude!?

Glen: Oh hey… Marko.

Wally: Its wall and where did you get Marko? Anyway you said you would help me get my first Pokémon.

Glen: I did? Justin why don’t you help him.

Justin: Okay two things, first why? Second how come you didn’t help me get my first Pokémon?

Glen: In reverse order you got one and you’re still alive so what did you need me for and why do you think I had you for? To do the things I don’t want to do.

Justin: (Sigh) Alright come on Jake. (Grabs Wally by the back of his shirt and drags him out the door)

One hour later…

Wally: Awesome I got a Ralts!

Justin: Shut up.

Location: gym

Wally: Thank you. Now I am off to go live with my aunt and uncle in Bellaire. (Leaves)

Justin: Okay now where was I?

Glen: You were about to challenge me.

Justin: Yes!

Glen: Too bad you need to be stronger.

Justin: Actually why not, that way when I beat you with will be even easier.

Glen: You will never beat me but it’s nice to have dreams.

Nymph: ask if he as snacks.

Glen (tossing a bag of potato chips in Nymph’s direction): here you go.


Justin: hold up you can hear her too? I thought it was due to brain damage I reserved in the back of the moving truck that allowed me to here them.

Glen: No you get it from my side of the family… wait your mother made you ride in the back of the truck?

Justin: Yeah. Justin another reason for me to not to like my mother.

Location: route 104

Battle begins

Justin: It’s a… Marill… great!

Yuna: I got this!

Battle ends Marill was caught

Justin: Okay I am felling lazy so let’s call him… Marvel.

Marvel: could you have been any lazier?

Nymph (eating chips): yeah he could have called you Marriland.

Marvel: True.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: Petalburg woods

Battle begins

Justin: It’s… Wurmple... this could work!

Markus: Dude really?

Justin: Yes now don’t kill it!

Battle ends Wurmple was caught

Justin: I have the perfect name for this future power house and that is… Squiggles!

Squiggles: Oh Arceus why.

Justin: Come on with some training you can be are real asset because right now you suck.

Squiggles: Wow way to not be rude.

Justin: Thanks I try really hard at it.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: deeper in the Petalburg woods

Justin: Who brought the flash light?

Nymph: The bug is glowing. And that bug is probably going to die.

Justin: So no flash light?

Squiggles (now a Cascoon and they don’t have mouths): HMHMHMMHMHMMMM!

Yuna: What is it?

Squiggles: HHHHHMMMMM!

Markus: Is Timmy stuck in the well again? Because we are not helping him this time.


Nymph: He can’t talk because he has evolved into something with no mouth stupid bug.

Justin: HEY! Where are we with this flash light thing?

More training and trainer battles later…

Location: a little deeper in Petalburg woods

Man: have you seen a Shroomish around here?

Justin: Noooo… (I literal just killed six of them)

Guy in blue bandana: You give me your research papers!

Researcher (turning to Justin): Help me!

Justin: Hey I am not one to get involved in other people’s business.

Researcher: Please!

Justin: It’s not my problem it’s yours.

Guy in blue bandana: smart kid. Now give me those…

Justin (grabbing a pokeball from the back of his belt): Hold up what did you call me?

Guy in blue bandana: Smart?

Justin: No the other one.

Guy in blue bandana: Kid?

Justin: Yeah that’s the one and now I am going to have to hurt you.

Aqua grunt: I teach you to not interfere with team aqua!

Battle begins

Justin: Nymph you’re up first!

Nymph: You are buying me sooo many snacks after this!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Justin: Okay I am feeling merciful so get out of here before I change my mind.

Aqua grunt: no matter we still have plans for Rustboro city! (Runs off)

Researcher: Thank you so much for your help here take this great ball.

Justin (putting the ball in his inside coat pocket): Can’t you just pay me?

Researcher: I’m poor… wait Rustboro! (Runs off)

Justin: Okay then?

Even more training and even more trainer battles later…

Justin: Really again Squiggles?

Squiggles: I have a mouth again! Yeah! And it’s my last one so deal.


Location: Rustboro city

Justin (moving sluggishly): Water … water… water…

Yuna (moving sluggishly): Mana… mana… mana…

Nymph (moving sluggishly): Snacks… snacks… snacks…

Markus (sitting on squiggles’ back): What is wrong with you guys?

Squiggles: Yeah seriously?

Justin: Shut… the… up…

Marvel: Just be great full we are almost to the center.

One long rest later…

Location: route 116

Marvel: Why are we not challenging the gym right now?

Justin: I want at least one more team member before we do.

Battle begins

Justin: It’s a… Nincada?

Yuna: Here let me get this one!

Battle ends Nincada was completely obliterated

Yuna: Oops…

Justin: (sigh) Alright to the gym we go I guess.

Several gym trainers later…

Location: gym

Justin: You. Me. Battle!

Leader Roxanne (talking her head phone out): What did you say?

Justin: I challenge you to a battle!

Leader Roxanne (like a dumb cheerleader): Like okay.

Battle begins

Justin: Yuna your up!

Yuna: This is going to be a cake walk!

Ten minutes later…

Yuna: Alright two down one to go! Man I am on a roll!

(Roxanne sends out Nosepass)

Yuna: This thing isn’t even worth my time

(Nosepass uses rock tomb casing rocks to pin down Yuna’s wings and then crushes her body with even heavier rock causing her blood and some fathers to splatter on the ground)

Justin: Oh damn…so who wants to go next?

Markus: Don’t look at me!

Marvel: I have the type advantage so I will finish this and avenger Yuna’s gruesome and disgusting death!

Eleven minutes later…

Marvel: Ah fluff…

(Marvel dies in a similar way to Yuna [what are the odds of rock tomb getting a critical hit every time it’s used])

Justin: Ummm… So Nymph do you want to finish this?

Nymph: I expect a lot of snacks after this… assuming I don’t die…

Battle ends Justin is the winner (I almost lost nymph near the end)

Justin: Okay that was a close one.

Nymph: Wake me when you have my snacks (curls up on the floor and goes to sleep)

Roxanne (like a dumb cheerleader): No fair you cheated! You used sand attack until my Nosepass could see its own hands!

Justin: Last I checked that is legal.

Roxanne (like a dumb cheerleader): Just take your badge and get out! (Throws the stone badge and a CD at Justin’s face)

Justin (catching the badge and CD just before it hits him in the eye): Holy chinchillas that was close.

Location: Rustboro city

Justin: Okay that was messed up.

Squiggles: I’ll say both Yuna and Marvel dying like that.

Markus (dragging a garbage bag): I think we should bury what is left of them before we get going.

(A team aqua grunt runs by)

Researcher (chasing a team aqua grunt): Hey get back here!

Justin: So a funeral, a nap and then go see what that was about?

Markus: Works for me.

Two funerals and a nap later…

R.I.P Yuna and Marvel

Location: edge of Rustboro city

Researcher: hey can you…

Justin (walking by the researcher): Yeah, Yeah I got this.

Several trainer battles later…

Location: route 116

Old man (stereotypical old man voice): Hey you young man!

Justin: Why am I so popular today?

Old man (stereotypical old man voice): Some hooligan shut ran into this cave after steeling my Peeko!

Justin: Peeko? The distortion world is that?

Old man (stereotypical old man voice): It’s my Wingull!

Justin (putting on sunglasses): I’m going in!

Location: Rusturf cave

Justin: Why can’t I see anything! Oh Arceus I’m blind!

Nymph: Because you are wearing sunglasses in a cave!

Justin (taking off the sunglasses): It’s a… (Insert religious holiday here) miracle!

Battle begins

Justin: It’s… Whismur… great…

Squiggles: I got this one!

Battle ends Whismur was caught

Justin: I’m going to call you… Aahh!

Markus: What?

Justin: no that the name Aahh.

Aahh: AAAAAAAHHHHH! Who are you people!?

A little training later…

Justin: Alright bro give me the Wingull and the other thing you took or this is going to get ugly.

Aqua grunt: Not you again!

Justin: You were expecting the Easter Buneary? Now give back what you stole.

Aqua grunt: Never!

Battle begins

Justin: Alright Aahh it’s your time to shine!


Battle ends Justin is the winner (I got a critical hit)

Aqua grunt: Ummm… (Drops the stolen goods and then pushes Justin out of the way and runs off)

Old man (stereotypical old man voice): thank you for getting my Peeko back.

Justin: yeah no problem.

Mr. Briney: Oh by the way my name is Mr. Briney. Tell you what you come by my place when you have time and I will take you on a boat ride.

Justin: Ummm… (Runs away)

Location: edge of Rustboro city

Justin: Hey here is that thing he stole (tosses goods to researcher) now about my reward.

Researcher: My boss with take care of that come on I will take you to see my boss the CEO of Devan corp.

Location: Devan corp.

CEO: ah so you are the one who got back my goods?

Justin: uh yeah.

CEO: Then take this cell phone as your reward.

Justin (pulling out his cell phone): But I already have a cell phone it’s the top of the line…

(CEO grabs Justin’s phone and chucks t out the window)

CEO: And now you need a new one so here you go. Oh and can you take this letter to a guy on in Dewford town and that is on an island and take this package to a guy in a shipyard.

Justin: But… my phone… (Sigh) I hope the SD card survived the fall.

Location: the other side of Rustboro city

Justin: Man I can believe he through my phone out a window like that.

May: Hey Justin!

Justin: oh hey… what do you want.

May: To tell you that Mr. Briney is taking people to Dewford town on his boat on the other side of the Petalburg woods and to battle you!

Justin: Yeah I guess winning a battle might cheer me up.

Battle begins

Justin: Go Aahh!

Aahh: WHY ME!?

Six minutes later…

(Aahh gets tackled my May’s Torkoal and crushed under its weight)

Justin: Really?! Another one?!

Markus: You are bad at this dude!

Justin: That’s it you’re going in there now!

Twelve minutes later…

Markus: Okay Squiggles your turn!

Squiggles: They are going down!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Justin: Well I fell a little better.

May: I lost again?

Justin: Yeah now excuse me I have to go burry what is left of Aahh.

One funeral, lots of walking and a boat ride later…

R.I.P Aahh

Location: Dewford town

Justin: Wow when they said island I was hoping for something better than this.

Squiggles: What where you expecting?

Justin: I was expecting and hoping for an island more like the dead or alive games you know the one with all the girls in bikinis.

Markus: That would have been awesome.

Nymph: Really? An island full of half-naked women is what you were hoping for?

Justin: What I am a guy… oh my Arceus a cave! (Runs into the cave)

Nymph: Wait come back here! (Chases after Justin)

Location: Granite cave

Nymph: What is wrong with you?

Justin: I have major ADD.

Nymph: Ah.

Battle begins

Justin: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOO!

Nymph: Why whyyyy! Why does it have to be a zubat!

Battle ends zubat was sadly caught

Justin: well I guess we have to give him a name how about… Bruce.

Bruce: why not just call me batman?

Justin: SHHHHH! No one is supposed to know that.

Bruce: Is he an idiot?

Nymph: I think so.

One training session later…

Location: route 107 (just outside Dewford town on the beach)

Justin: Alright I got this fishing pole from that weird guy, so I guess I see what I can catch.

Bruce: You do realize that all that is, is a stick with a string tied to it.

Justin: Shut up I know that.

Battle begins

Justin: Alright I got something! (Pauses with a shocked face) Aaargh! Just my luck! First a lousy zubat and now a Magikarp!

Bruce: Hey!

Justin: Just weaken it so I can catch it.

Battle ends Magikarp was caught

Justin: It’s a Magikarp… well let’s just call him… Derpington.

Derpington: Derp, derp, derp.

Justin: Oh Arceus why!

One training session (not that it mattered) later…

Location: Granite cave

Squiggles: Why are we here again?

Justin: Just wanted to see what was in here.

Markus: “See” being the operative word it is pitch black in here.

Hours of wandering around in the dark later…

Location: Somewhere in Granite cave

Justin: AAAAAAH!!!! Another dead end! Well at least I am not the only one stuck in here.

???: You alright? You look like you have gone through the distortion world and back?

Justin: I feel like it. I’m Justin, Justin T. Lanchester.

Steven: I’m Steven.

Justin: Steven? (Digging through his inside coat pocket) Wait don’t I have a letter addressed to a Steven? Hey I have this letter addressed to you.

Steven: A cool I have been waiting for this. Well see you! (Throws a smoke bomb a disappears)

Justin: Wait! ... Great… (Turns around and goes back to wandering in the dark)

Days later…

Location: Granite cave entrance/exit

Justin: Finally sun light!

Nymph: It’s the middle of the night.

Justin: Aaaawwwe!

Some much needed rest later…

Location: Dewford town

Justin (lying on the beach tanning): ah yes…

Derpington (swimming in a fish bowel): derp, derp.

Justin: Shut up.

Derpington: Derp, derpde, DERP!

Justin: What did you call me!?

Derpington: Derpde derp!

Justin: That’s it! (Picks up the fish bowl and starts to shake it trying to get Derpington) I am going to leave you on the beach here to fry!

Derpington: DEEEERRRRP!

Nymph: Justin why are you tanning when you could challenge the gym her on the island?

Justin (stops shaking the bowl): There is a gym here?

Squiggles (with Markus sitting on his back): yeah they have a gym here and it’s a… Markus will you get off me! (Does a barrel roll)

Bruce: As Squiggles here was saying it’s a fighting type gym.

Justin: Well Derpington it looks like you aren’t going to fry here today.

Several gym trainers and hours of wondering in the dark later (man I hate this gym puzzle)…

Location: gym

Leader Brawly: it seems you have bested all of this gym’s trainers and without using a flash light to help you see!

Justin (putting flash light in his coats inside pocket): Riiiight…

Leader Brawly: And now I will be your opponent!

Battle begins

Justin: Squiggles your up!

Squiggles: Wait why me!?

Justin: Because you’re the only one with a physic type attack! Now stop arguing with me and just get in there!

Twenty six minutes later…

Markus: I want a piece of this action plus I haven’t done anything in a while!

Squiggles: Then get in there!

Twenty minutes later…

Justin: Markus fall back!

Markus: Got it!

Justin: Alright now for my secret weapon! GO!

(Justin dramatically throws a pokeball)

Derpington (flopping around on the ground): Derp, derp, derp.

Markus: Really?

Justin: No I grabbed the wrong one! Derpington return!

(Derpington returns to his pokeball)

Justin: Okay! Here we go!

(Justin dramatically throws a different pokeball)

??? (Emerging from the pokeball in a flash of blindingly bright light): I am vengeance… I am the night… I am…

(The bright like goes away and revels…)

Bruce: …Bruce the Zubat!

The battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Knuckle badge plus a CD

Brawly: Your zubat is strong but only won because of a critical hit.

Justin: Hey a win is a win.

Brawly: oh and it looks like you Torchic is evolving.

Markus: WHOOOO! I have arms to hit people with WHOOOO!

One long boat ride and several trainer battles later…

Location: Slateport ship yard

Justin: Hey!! I am looking for the guy in charge! I got this package? I guess you could call it that!

Worker: I think he is at the museum.

Justin: (Sigh) Man I really just want to get rid of this thing. (Put package in to the inside coat pocket)

Worker: How in Hoenn did you get that to fit in your pocket?

Justin: Magic jacket.

Location: museum second floor

Justin: Hey is there a (looks a letter attached to package) I.C Weiner… (Sarcastically) ha, ha real funny Nymph.

Nymph: I thought so.

Justin: okay Nymph who is it really for?

Nymph: A Captain Stern.

Justin: Good one Nymph, but just because it sound like ship parts when you shake you think that I am going to believe that it is addressed to a guy named Captain Stern.

Captain Stern: I’m Captain Stern. (Justin hands him the package) Hey thank I have been waiting for this!

Justin: By the way I noticed a large number of…

(Two Team aqua grunts run into the room)

Aqua grunt 1: In the name of Team aqua! Give us the package and nobody gets hurt!

Aqua grunt 2: Yeah we have a large group with us so there is no point in resisting!

Justin: Hey would you like to know what pisses me off more than anything? PEOPLE WHO CUT ME OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SENTENCE!

Two in credibly short grunt battles later…

Justin: (sigh of relief) Man don’t I feel better.

Archie: What is taking so long? You know what happens when you disappoint me Archie the leader of team aqua!

(Justin quickly pulls out a burger king paper crown out of his inside coat pocket and puts it on his head)

Archie: Now what is taking so… (Turns around) Jughead! Long time no see buddy how are you doing?

Justin: I have been good buddy, how about you?

Archie: I have been good I run a criminal organization now.

Justin: that’s awesome.

Archie: hey how about after I finish up here me and you go get a couple of burgers and reminisce about the old days.

(Archie hits Justin’s back and the paper crown falls off his head)

Archie: Hey wait a minute… your paper crown come right off! You’re not Jughead!

Justin: Well I had to try.

Archie: You are lucky I am strapped for time but we will meet again! (Throws a smoke bomb)

Stern: thank you so much for what you did back there but I need to get back to work at the ship yard. (Leaves)

Justin: Okay? Well now that that is over I better get going. (Leaves)

Location: route 110

Battle begins

Justin: Hey cool a Minum!

Wild Minum: (Generic in game Minum cry)

Derpington: Derp, derp, der… (Returns to pokeball)

Justin: I really need to label these. Markus!

Markus: I got this!

Battle ends Minum was caught

Justin: I am going to call you… Sonic.

Sonic (climbing up on Justin’s shoulder a breakneck speed): Alright so where are we going.

Justin: So what where you saying earlier?

Sonic (sitting on Justin’s shoulder): I said “You’d better catch me be for I’m gone”.

Justin: Ah okay now let’s go do some training!

(Okay quick note Sonic is going to be on my shoulder for as long as I have him)

Birch (running from nowhere): Justin! Hey wait I thought you were traveling with May?

Justin: Whatever game you that idea?

Birch: nothing but while I am here I want to check you pokedex.

Justin: oh right that thing that I put in my pocket and never looked at again.

Birch: Well in that case… bye. (Leaves)

Justin: Okay now let’s train.

One training session and few trainer battles later…

Sonic: Justin I think Nymph is evolving.

Justin (now looking at Nymph): Oh yeah look at that.

Sonic: Can you hurry up I am going to fall asleep if we don’t (yawn) get moving soon.

Nymph: could you be any more…

Sonic: (snoring)

Nymph: (sigh) Lets go.

A few more trainer battles later…

Justin: Oh Arceus, its May.

Sonic: So who is that?

Justin: someone who likes to make small animals fight for her amusement.

Sonic: don’t you do that same thing?

Justin: Well what I do is different.

Sonic: How?

Justin: I fight other people and take their money when we win.

Sonic: So you get paid for making animals fight.

Justin: Um… (Pulls out his keys and shakes them in front to sonic)

Sonic: Do you really think that… (Eyes widen) Ooooo! Shiny!

May: Justin is that you?

Justin: Umm… no?

May: Nice try I want a rematch.

Justin: (sigh) Alright.

Battle begins

Justin: Alright here we go!

Derpington: Derp, derp, derp, deeeerrrp… (returns to pokeball)

Justin: Note to self, label pokeballs!

Squiggles: Here let me restart this show!

Twenty six minutes later…

Squiggles: Okay tag out!

Nymph: Okay my turn!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

May: Mark my word Justin I will beat you.

Justin: It’s nice to have dreams.

Sonic: Bye now.

May: Oh that Minum is so cute.

Sonic: Oh no, she did not just call me cute I am devilishly handsome.

May: Well I better get going. (Leaves)

More trainer battles later…

Sonic: Hey look Derpington is staring to glow.

Justin: Please evolve to something of use please.

Derpington: (roar) Am I useful now!?

Justin: Very.

Even more trainer battles later…

Location: Mauville city bike shop

Justin: Alright I need a bike so that way I can get less of a work out when I travel around.

Sonic: Wait doesn’t using a bike mean you have to do more work so that the tires move?

Justin: Well that was my dad’s logic with bikes.

Shop owner (super announcer voice): Congratulations! You are our 10th customer!

Justin: 10th?

Shop owner (super announcer voice): Yeah business here kind of sucks!

Justin: I’ll say.

Shop owner (super announcer voice): And as our 10th customer you get a free bike (pulls out a Mach bike)!

Justin (taking the bike): This might be why your business is failing. (Leaves)

Location: outside the gym

Wally: Pleeeaaase!

Wally’s uncle: No! I have seen no evidence that you care a competent trainer!

Justin: Yeah he is kind of right Pablo.

Wally: It’s Wally. Wait Justin have a battle with me so I can prove I am a competent trainer.

Justin: Yeeeeah I don’t think that battling me is going to help you make your case buuut… if you insist okay.

One impossibly short battle later…

Wally’s uncle: Case and point right here you suck.

Wally: I don’t care what you say I am going to get stronger and challenge the gyms anyway!

Justin: That’s what this is about? Dude you really suck and no amount of training is ever going to change that.

Wally (starting to cry): You’ll see you will all see! (Runs off)

Wally’s uncle: He is such a cry baby. (Leaves)

Markus: I think we should do some more training before fighting the gym.

Bruce: I concur.

Justin: Don’t you act smart with me Bruce! But I guess we can do some more training.

One training session, several trainer battles and several more gym trainers later…

Location: gym

Markus: hey look bruce is evolving.

Justin: Come on Bruce hurry up I want to out of her as soon as possible.

Sonic: Why?

Justin: I feel like one of those electric fences is going to electrify me especially with you on my shoulder.

Justin: Alright old man! I here to…

Leader Wattson: What!?

Justin: I said…!

Leader Wattson: No I don’t want any Girl Scout cookies!

Justin: What?

Leader Wattson: What!?


Leader Wattson: No I don’t bleed lemonade!

Justin: Arceus damn it old man!

Sonic: This is going to take forever.

(Justin spends several hours trying to get Watson to turn up his hearing aid but eventually)

Battle begins

Justin: Alright Markus!

Markus: Time to wreck house!

(Wattson’s Voltord uses self-destruct and blows itself and Markus in to tiny bits of burnt flesh and feathers [in other words Markus is now dead])

Justin: Well… okay then… Nymph your turn…

Nymph (sarcastically): Oh joy!

Thirty seven minutes later…

Nymph: Okay good so far.

(Wattson’s Magneton electrifies Nymph and kills her)

Justin: Uh… squiggles…

Squiggles: I am so going to die.

Six minutes later…

Squiggles: Muk this I am out of here Bruce you take over!

Bruce: Arceus help me.

Fifteen minutes later…

Bruce: Well I haven’t died…

(Wattson’s Manectric electrifies Bruce killing him)

Justin: Okay… Sooo… who is next?

Derpington: I got this I shall avenge batman!


Squiggles: How did you not know that?

Sonic: I have a short attention span okay!

Ten minutes later…

Derpington: See Squiggles even I have the guts to step up and…

(Wattson’s Manectric electrifies Derpington killing him)

Squiggles: And die horribly.

Justin: He was right he had the guts to get in there!

Squiggles: But I don’t want to die!

Justin: To bad get in there!

Twenty one minutes later…

Squiggles: Okay I’m not dead yet so maybe…

(Wattson’s Manectric electrifies Squiggles killing him)

Justin: Okay Sonic!

Sonic (finishing his large cup of coffee and jumping off Justin’s shoulder): I really hope I don’t die.

Thirty three minutes later…

Sonic: Catch me if you can!

(Manectric dashes across the field at lightning speed, Sonic disappears Manectric then stops and looks around for sonic)

Sonic (standing behind Manectric in a mocking tone): You’re too slow! (Hits Manectric with quick attack and dose a backflip back to where he started)

(Manectric dashes across the field at lightning speed and again Sonic disappears Manectric then stops and looks around for sonic)

Sonic (standing behind Manectric in a mocking tone): Would you feel better if I did this in slow motion!?

Ten minutes later…

(No lie Manectric did nothing but miss the whole time I was using Sonic)

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Because Manectric couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn and got the dynamo badge plus a CD

Wattson: That was an intense battle and you showed me that you extremely skilled and I didn’t stand a chance.

Justin: YOU didn’t stand a chance!? You murder almost my entire team!

Watson: Are you saying you want a rematch?

Justin: OH NO MUK THAT! (Leaves)

Five funerals later…

R.I.P Markus, Nymph, Bruce, Derpington, and Squiggles

(I think I am losing my edge)

Location: route 111

Sonic: Well this sucks.

Justin: Yeah.

Sonic: so now what?

Justin: I guess we head to the next gym.

Sonic: just me and you against the world… well until we get a new team member.

Several trainer battles later…

Location: route 112

Battle begins

Justin: It’s a son of a..!

Sonic: Look I know it’s a Numel but it better than nothing!

Justin: (sigh) Yeah your right.

Battle ends Numel was caught (Me sarcastically: Hooray!)

Justin: How about we call him… Cartman.

Cartman: I do what I…

Justin: NO! You will do what I tell you or I will drown you in the Arceus damn bath tub!

Cartman: Whoah dude chill out.

Sonic: Look we just lost the rest of our team.

Cartman: Ah.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: Fiery path

Battle begins

Justin: See this is much better than a Numel! A Grimer!

Cartman: What do you have against Numels?

Justin: I just find them useless okay can we get on with the catching of the Grimer.

Battle ends Grimer was caught

Justin: Hmm how about we call him… Blob.

Sonic: You are getting really lazy with the names.

Blob: Yeah this name kind of sucks.

Justin: Hey I wanted to call you sad blob but I decided not to.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location route 113

Justin: It’s… (Face palms) of course it’s a Spinda!

Blob: I got this!

Battle ends Spinda was caught

Justin: Okay we are going to call him… Tea Cups.

Tea cups (dizzy and can’t see straight [He is going to be like this the whole time I use him. hopefully that won’t be too long]): Why is everything spinning!?

Justin: Let’s just get going.

One training session and several trainer battles and a quick rest in Fallarbor town later…

Location: route 114

Battle begins

Justin: WHOOHOO! Looks like my luck is beginning to turn! A Swablu!

Tea cups: As soon as everything stops spinning will take care of this!

Battle ends Swablu was not caught (thanks to a critical hit [AAAAAAAHHH!])

Some more training and a few trainer battles later…

Location: Meteor falls

Battle begins

Justin: Sweet a Solrock! Don’t screw this one up Tea Cups!

Tea Cups: No promises but I will try!

Battle ends Solrock was not caught

Justin (angry): I gave you one job one job!

Tea Cups: my bad.

Sonic: Justin calm down. Look I see some guys in red hoods just take your anger out on them.

Justin: (exhales) Alright.

Magma grunt 1: Give us the meteor, nerd! We want it so we can harness it power and force Mt. Chimney to erupt! We the grunt of team magma demand it!

Scientist: Take it just don’t hurt me!

Archie (walking up with aqua grunts): What are you magma grunts doing here?

Magma grunt 2: Cheese it! (Runs away with grunt 1)

Archie: Hey wait you’re the kid I ran it to back at the museum so you are a part of team magma?

Justin (in a demonic voice): Care to repeat that?

Archie: No.

Justin: Then I would leave and leave now I am in no mood!

Archie: Message received… I am just going to head up to Mt. Chimney now. (Leaves with the grunts)

Sonic: maybe we should head that way to.

Justin: why?

Sonic: You have a chance to push people into a lava pit.

Justin: Well when you put it that way… let’s go!

One trip up the mountain and some magma grunt battles later…

Location: MT. Chimney

Guy in red: With this meteorite…

Justin: Hey are you Maxie that all those grunts said was unstoppable?

Maxie: Yes regrettably my name is Maxie and unfortunately for you…

(Justin and Sonic both start laughing uncontrollably)

Maxie: It was a family name!

Justin (through the laughter and while wiping away a tear): Who’s your mother’s?

Maxie: I am not going to sand her and be made fun of by some snot noised kid!

Justin: What was that!

Maxie: Oh it seems I have touched a nerve.

Justin: Haven’t you ever herd that you don’t poke a sleeping bear?

Battle begins

Justin: okay Tea Cups this time you want to kill your opponent!

Tea Cups: Got…

Justin: And don’t fall in the volcano!

Tea Cups: Alright I got it!

Thirty one minutes later…

(Camerupt sets teacups on fire)

Tea Cups (running around on fire): AAAAAHHHH! (Falls in to volcano)

Justin: And after I told him not to! Cartman your up!

Cartman: I feel like this is going to end badly.

Ten minutes later…

(Camerupt uses magnitude and then Cartman falls into the volcano because he can’t seem to get his balance back)

Justin: Blob your turn now.

Blob: I hate my life.

Twenty two minutes later…

(Camerupt used tackle and blob splatters everywhere)

Justin: Ummm…

Sonic (getting off of Justin’s shoulder): I got this!

Battle ends Justin is the winner (Man I suck)

Maxie: you will not be able to stop me one I have that orb! (Throws smoke bomb)

Justin: I need to get me some of those.

Archie: great work! But whose side are you on?

Justin: Umm team cloud what does it matter?

Archie: ah well … (Throws smoke bomb)

Justin: okay no fair!

Sonic (sitting on a machine with the meteorite in it): Oooooo! Shiny red button! (Pushes button)

(The machine turns off and then spits out the meteorite)

Justin (picking up the meteorite and putting it into his inside jacket pocket): I would say let go bury our fallen comrades but… (Looks in to the volcano) I think that is already ben taken care of.

Sonic (getting back on Justin’s shoulder): Yeeeeah.

Half way down the mountain later…

R.I.P Tea Cups, Cartman, and Blob

Location: Jagged pass

Battle begins

Justin: It’s a Machop!

Sonic: Don’t just stand there lets catch it!

Battle ends Machop was caught

Justin: I am going to call him… Tien.

Tien: So we going to train or what?

One training session later…

Location: Lavaridge town

Old lady: hey you in the brown beat up jacket with the Minum on your shoulder!

Justin: Yeah what’s up?

Old lady: I found this Pokémon egg in the sand by the town hot springs, and I thing that a young trainer such as your self should have it.

Justin: Well I am not one to turn down free stuff so sure I’ll take it.

Hours and hours of running around and a little training later…

Justin: Hey cool Tien is evolving.

Sonic (putting on sunglasses): Why dose evolving have to be so bright like that?

Tien: Wow my power level feels like it just got a major boost!

Several hours of running later…

Justin: About Arceus damn time!

(The Pokémon egg hatches and a Wynaut come out)

Justin: It’s a Wynaut! Hmm what to name her? I got it we will call her… Sandy.

Sonic: Because the egg was found in the sand?

Justin: No after the girl from Grease.

Sandy (running around like a child with ADHD on a caffeine and sugar high): Wheeeee!

Tien (watching sandy run around): She is extremely energet… oh Arceus I think I am going to throw up! (Starts to throw up in the bushes)

Sandy: Then maybe you should not have been watching me run in circles.

Justin: Why don’t we use that energy of yours productively and do some training so that we can fight the gym.

One training session later…

Tien: Hey Sandy is evolving.

Justin: Huh that happened sooner than I thought it would.

Sandy: What do we do now?

Justin: Finish your training.

Another training session and several gym trainer battles later…

Location: gym

Leader Flannery: You trainer…! No wait… Ummm hold on…

Justin: Okay.

Leader Flannery: I am… no that doesn’t work…

Justin: Are you new at this because you suck.

Leader Flannery: What!? I’ll show you!

Battle begins

Justin: Tien start this right!

Tien: This will not take long!

Forty one minutes later…

Tien: This is way too easy!

Justin: Don’t get cocky!

(Camerupt uses over heat and turns Tien into a pile of ashes)

Justin: Son of a! Sandy take care of this!

Sandy: Why do I feel like this is going to go bad really fast!?

Thirty nine minutes later…

(Torkoal used over heat and turned sandy into ashes)

Justin: Why is it everyone keeps dying!?

Sonic: Well I am sooo going to die!

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Heat badge plus a CD

(How is it I haven’t lost yet!?)

Justin: Alright!

(Sonic jumps into the air and high fives Justin and then dose a flip on to Justin’s left shoulder)

Flannery: You just got lucky!

Justin: Yes I did! (Leaves)

Location: outside the gym


Justin: Oh sweet Arceus!

Sonic: I don’t wanna do more fighting I am tired!

May: Justin here take these goggles by now!

Justin: What just happened?

Sonic: I wish I knew.

Two funerals later…

R.I.P Tien and Sandy

Location: route 111 (desert)

Battle begins

Justin: Nice a Trapinch!

Sonic: Catch it catch it catch it!

Battle ends Trapinch was caught

Sonic: So what are we going to call her?

Justin: How about… Rose.

Rose: Okay so now what?

Justin: We are going in to that tower right behind us.

Rose: Ummm why?

Justin: Because we can.

Location: mirage tower

Battle begins

Justin: A Sandshrew… better than nothing!

Sonic: True dat!

Battle ends Sandshrew was caught

Justin: Let’s call her… Lois.

Lois: Why Lois?

Justin: Because Family Guy.

A few hours later…

Location: top of mirage tower

Justin: Now which fancy rock do I want? The one on the left or the one on the right?

(Justin take the one on the left [root fossil] and then the tower starts to shake and fall apart)

Justin: Who booby-traps a tower I ask you who!?

Rose: How am I supposed to know!?

(The tower then collapses and our heroes fall to their doom but they get super lucky and just get stuck in the sand)

After freeing themselves from the sand…

Justin: well that was a waste of time!

Lois: I’ll say.

Rose: Now what?

Justin: umm I guess we train.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Rose: Hey look at that Lois is evolving.

Sonic: Hurry up!

Lois: You have to be the most impatient immature…

Justin: Oh my Arceus get on with it!

(Lois face palms)

Anther training session and several more trainer battles later…

Rose: Alright! I am evolving!

Justin: Now it is time to unleash the might power of the DRAGOON!

Sonic: She is a dragon fly.

Rose: Well this is kind pf all let down but at least I can fly now.

Justin: Well let’s head back to Petalburg there is a gym there.

One long training session and a few trainer battles later…

Location: Petalburg city

Sonic: I thought we were going to challenge the gym?

Rose: yeah me to?

Justin: look we just did a ridiculous amount of walking and I want to do something relaxing like fishing.

Battle begins

Justin: It’s a… Goldeen… Yeah why not.

Lois: I got this one!

Battle ends Goldeen was caught

Lois: Oh let’s call him…Neptune.

Justin: Works for me.

Neptune: Beware my mighty powers!

Sonic: You are a tiny fish what power could you possibly have?

Neptune: You will see once I do some training!

Justin: Alright then let’s do some more training.

One training session later…

Sonic: Okay Neptune is evolving let’s see if he is really as powerful as he claims.

Lois: He just looks like a bigger fish.

Neptune: Shut up!

Justin: Alright now that that is over let’s go beat my dad!

Rose: Wait I thought we were going to challenge the gym?

Justin: We are.

Neptune: Okay I am confused.

Justin: My dad is the gym leader.

Lois: Oooh.

Several gym trainers later…

Location: route 115

Neptune: Wait I thought we were going to fight your dad?

Justin: Yeah we will but I want just one more team member.

Neptune: well okay then.

Battle begins

Justin: A Tentacool… (Sigh)

Neptune: I got this one.

Battle ends Tentacool was caught

Justin: Let’s call him… Cooler.

Cooler: I heard you were going to challenge a gym?

Justin: Not without putting you threw a Muk ton of training.

One training session later…

Justin: Hurry up Cooler finish evolving you still have a lot more training to do.

Cooler: Can’t I get like a ten minute break?

Justin: You can when you’re done with your training.

Another training session later…

Location: gym (Petalburg)

Glen (dad): Okay what took you so long to get back here?

Justin: Umm… I got nothing so can we just get this battle started?

Glen: Gladly!

Battle begins

Justin: Alright time to knock you off your high horse! Cooler you’re up First!

Cooler: Let’s dance the dance of death!

Forty nine minutes later…

Cooler: Board now! Lois your turn!

Lois: Works for me! This battle will be over soon enough!

Twenty seven minutes later…

Lois: This is so much easier than I thought it was going to be!

(Slaking somehow kills Lois with façade)

Justin: Hmm… Neptune!

Neptune: Time to rock and roll!

Fifteen minutes later…

(Slaking kills Neptune with façade)

Justin (turning to sonic): So… you want to get in there?

Sonic: Not really… (Jumps off Justin’s shoulder) but I guess so.

Ten minutes later…

Sonic: Let’s see how you like this!

(Sonic uses thunder turning Slaking to a pile of electrified ashes)

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the balance bade plus a CD

Sonic: Okay I am going to take a quick nap on your shoulder now. (Climbs on to Justin’s shoulder and goes to sleep)

Glen: Okay I did not think a Minum could take out my best Pokémon with such ease.

Justin: Yeah that’s Sonic for yeah. Now can I borrow a shovel?

Two funerals later…

R.I.P Lois and Neptune

Location: Petalburg city

Justin: Alright Sonic let’s get going.

Wally’s dad: Justin!

Justin: That’s my name don’t wear it out.

Wally’s dad: You where the one who helped Wally get his own Pokémon.

Justin: Yes.

Wally’s dad: Well I am sure my ungrateful son never properly thanked you so here is a CD to say thank you.

Justin (sound disappointed): Gee thanks.

Wally’s dad: Bye! (Leaves)

Justin: Let’s get out of here before more crazy people show up.

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: route 118

Battle begins

Justin: Sweet a Carvanha!

Rose: I got this one!

Battle ends Carvanha was caught

Justin: I going to call you Hunter.

Hunter: So what are we going to do now?

Justin: We are going to train.

Cooler: I feel bad for you.

One training session later…

Cooler: What hunter is evolving already we just got him!

Hunter: Yeah well now I am more use full then you will ever be.

Cooler: GRRR!

One short training session later…

Justin: Okay Hunter your done training.

Cooler: WHAT!? I had to do a Muk ton of training and he doesn’t!

Sonic: That’s because you were very weak when we got you he was much, much stronger.

Cooler: I hate him. I hate him so much.

Some walking later…

Location: Mauville city

Wattson: You there young lad!

Justin: Oh it’s you…

Wattson: Yes I am the one who brutally murdered most of you team. I need your help.

Justin: Yeah like I am going to help you.

Wattson: Just hear me out.

Justin: Make it fast old man.

Wattson: I need you to go into new Mauville which is right underneath us but can only be accessed by through a cave door in the middle of a lake, and turn off the generator.

Justin: Why can’t you do it?

Wattson: I can’t do it because of my two metal hips the metal plate in my head and because of my pacemaker plus my one third metal gallbladder. So if I get to close to the generator I will die horribly.

Justin: How do you have a gallbladder that is one third metal and why?

Wattson: Because science! So will you do it?

Justin: I don’t know.

Wattson: I will give you a reward.

Justin: You should have started with that. (Leaves)

Location: new Mauville

Battle begins

Justin: holy mew! It’s a poke ball with eyes!

Hunter: One it’s a Voltorb, Two that is creepy, and three I got this.

Battle ends Voltorb was not caught

Justin: well we tried now where is that generator?

Hours of walking around later…

Justin: Okay this looks like it controls the generator.

Sonic (diving off Justin’s shoulder): shiny red button!

Computer: Generator overload in ten seconds.

(Justin and sonic start hitting all the buttons on the computer)

Computer: Ten… nine… eight... six…

Justin: Six? What happened to seven!?

Computer: Just kidding. Five… four…

Justin: Well we are done.

(Justin leans on a lever next to the computer)

Computer: Generator shutting down.

Justin: WHOO! Alright now let’s get out of here!

Location: Mauville city

Justin: Yo old man the generator is off where is my reward?

Wattson: Here you go!

Justin: It’s a CD.

Wattson: Yes it is!

Justin I hate you.

A short swim later…

Location: route 118

Steven: hey Justin!

Justin: Oh hey it’s you, you left me I a dark cave without as much as a flashlight!

Steven: Yes I did but I don’t have time to talk I have to get going. (Leaves)

Justin: The Muk just happened?

Rose: The world my never know.

Location: route 119

Battle begins

Justin: A Tropius? How did I not see that hiding in the grass!?

Sonic: Beats me!

Battle ends Tropius was caught

Justin: How about we call her… CoCo, you know like crash bandicoots sister.

CoCo: Oh and here I thought it was because I look like a cocoanut tree.

Justin: That to.

One training session and several trainer battles later…


R.I.P CoCo

Sonic: Well she didn’t last long.

Justin: Kind of funny that she was killed by a worm. Hey look over there it looks like team aqua.

Sonic: your right it is them… you want to go make them cry.

Justin: You know it!

Several grunt battles later…

Location: weather institute

Aqua admin shelly: Hey you’re that kid Archie was telling us about.

Justin: Do NOT call me a kid!

Battle begins

Justin: Hunter start this show off right!

Hunter: Can do!

Thirty nine minutes later…

Sonic: Oh I want a turn!

Hunter: Go for it little buddy!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Admin shelly: Your stronger then I was told.

Aqua grunt: I just say a large group of magma grunts heading for MT. Pyre.

Admin shelly: Then let’s get going! (Throws smoke bomb)

Weather institute worker: Thank you for saving us so here have this Pokémon as a reward it’s called a Castform.

Justin: Thank and I am going to call him Casper.

Casper: So where are we going next?

Justin: Where ever the wind takes us…

(Gust of wind blows in the window and Justin disappears)

Location: outside weather instate

(Justin falls from the second floor window and lands on his back)

Justin (rolling around in pain): AAAAH Arceus why did I think that was a good idea!

May: Hey Justin.

Justin (in pain): Oh what now!

May: Are you okay?

Justin (sarcastically): Yeah I fine!

May: Okay then how about a battle.

Justin (trying to stand): Sure why the Muk not.

Battle begins

Justin: Alright Casper let’s see what you can do!

Casper: I won’t let you down!

Ten minutes later…

(Casper gets cut to ribbons by swift)

Justin: And let me down you did Casper. Sonic your up.

Sonic (jumping off Justin’s shoulder): This will not take long.

Thirty minutes later…

Sonic: Okay I am at a type disadvantage so Hunter your turn!

Hunter: This is going to be fun!

Forty one minutes later…

(Mashstomp uses take down and takes down hunter [he is dead])

Justin: Muk!

Cooler: Yes! ... (Fake caring)I mean oh no Hunter is dead I am so sad.

Justin: Just get in there Cooler.

Battle ends Justin is the winner

May: Good battle well I will be seeing you! (Leaves)

Cooler: You still got that shovel?

Justin: Yep.

Two funerals, one training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: Fortree city

Justin (pushing an invisible wall): Stupid…

Sonic (pushing an invisible wall): Invisible…

Justin (pushing an invisible wall): Wall!

Cooler: Just give up if it hasn’t moved by now then it’s not going to.

Justin (sitting down): (sigh) You’re right. Let’s head to the next route and see what we can get for a new team member.

Location: 120

(After running into nothing but Marill, Poochyena, and Mightyena)

Battle begins

Justin: Beast an Absol!

Sonic: Dibs!

Battle ends Absol was caught

Sonic: Oh let’s call her… Abby!

Justin: sure why not.

Cooler: Hey wait don’t Absols only show up right before something horrible happens?

Abby: It is true and that horrible thing is team aqua and magma plan to…

Justin: Yeah not really caring.

Abby: But…

Justin: Come on let’s go train.

One training session and a few trainer battles later…

Steven: Hey Justin!

Justin: I still hate you.

Steven: Do me a favor walk across this bridge here.

Justin: It’s not going to collapse is it?

Steven: No its not.

Justin (not fully believing Steven): Alright I guess.

(Justin starts to walk across the bridge when he runs into invisible wall)

Justin: What!? Another one!? (Starts trying to push the invisible wall)

Steven: Here try this. (Hands Justin the Devon scope) now turn it on.

(Justin turns on the Devon scope and a Kecleon becomes visible)

Justin: wait are you telling me that this stupid thing was blocking my path this whole time… I am going to kill it!

One short battle later…

Steven: well that was brutal…Bye. (Leaves)

Justin: Okay now back to the gym!

Several gym trainers later…

Leader Winona: Hello there young trainer…

Justin: Wow you are the nicest…

Leader Winona (demonic tone): Are you ready to die!?

Justin: What the Muk…?

Sonic: We are sooo Muked.

Battle begins

Justin: seeing as this is a flying type gym you should have no problem beating her Sonic.

Sonic: WHAT!? Are you insane in the membrane!? Did you not hear that scary voice!?

Justin: Sonic just relax.

Sonic: Okay, Okay (takes a deep breath) Okay I’m good.

(Look Sonic has thunder, thunderbolt and shock wave I didn’t need to use any one else)

Battle ends Justin is the winner and got the Feather badge plus a CD

Justin: Now let’s run before she decides to eat our souls! (Runs out of the gym)

Winona: I knew I forgot to take my multiple personality medication to day!

One training session and several trainer battles later…

Location: route 121

Battle begins

Justin: It’s a Shuppet I could use a ghost type on my team.

Cooler: Let me handle this one!

Battle ends Shuppet was caught

Justin: Let’s call her… Shelby after Carol Shelby.

Shelby: Cool I love Shelby mustangs!

One training session later…

Rose: Hey Shelby is evolving.

Justin: Huh I was not aware that Shuppet could evolve.

Shelby: Not cool now I look like a fugly doll!

Rose: Why is there a building in the middle of this route?

Justin: I don’t know let’s check it out later.

Several trainer battles and after picking up a something pointless then running back later…

(Okay quick thing because this safari zone does the route change thing I am going to count each area as a new route)

Location: safari zone area 2

Justin: OH MY ARCEUS… (Drops to his knees)

Sonic: I don’t believe it… a Pikachu!

Justin: Must throw all pokeballs at it!

Wild Pikachu was caught

Justin: I am going to call you… Spark! (Sends auto to the PC)

Location: safari zone area 1

Justin: An Oddish… (Chucks ball)

Wild Oddish was caught

Justin: Umm I’ll call him… Auto. (Sends auto to the PC)

Location: safari zone area 3

Justin: A Xatu nice.

Wild Xatu was caught

Justin: Let’s call him… Oracle. (Sends auto to the PC)

(Justin leaves the safari zone for now)

Justin: Okay now let’s head to MT. Pyre

Location: MT. Pyre

Battle begins

Justin: Oh sweet a Vulpix!

Abby: I got this one!

Battle ends Vulpix was caught

Sonic: Let’s call her… Amber!

Justin: Hey it works for me.

Amber: I saw these guys dressed in blue run up the mountain here, I don’t know why but I feel like there are up to no good.

Justin: Then let’s go stop them… after we do some training.

One training session several trainer battles and several grunt battles later…

Archie: Team magma may have gotten here first but I got what I wanted! And there is nothing left for those fools in Team Cloud!

Justin: Are you talking about me?

Archie: Yes and there is nothing here for a team cloud grunt to get!

Justin: A Grunt? Please I will have you know I was promoted to leader just last week.

Archie: Oh… well I still got the RED orb! (Throws smoke bomb)

Old woman: Those fools have no idea what they are dealing with!

Justin: just what are they dealing with?

Old man: They have separated the RED and BLUE orbs they must be trying to resurrect those two ancient Pokémon. Maybe you can stop them before it is to late take this (hands Justin a medal with the team magma logo on it) one of those magma guys dropped it.

Old woman: What good is that going to do him!

Old man: I don’t know maybe he might be able to get into their base with it?

Justin: So why is it so bad if these ancient Pokémon are resurrected?

Old man: If one of them where to be resurrected let alone both it would cause…


Old man: Hey I wanted to be the one to say that!

Justin: Well in that way I guess I will see what I can do but no promises. (starts to walk back down the mountain)

Sonic: So are you real apart of Team Cloud?

Justin: Do not make me piss off an animal rights group by smacking you across the face.

Several trainer battles later…

Location: route 123

Battle begins

Justin: Hey cool another water type!

Abby: So I take it we are going to catch this Wailmer!?

Justin: We are going to try!

Battle ends Wailmer was caught

Justin: So what are we going to call him?

Rose: You’re out of ideas?

Justin: Yes I am so come on someone give me an idea!

Abby: How about… Gluttony?

Justin: Works for me. (Sends Gluttony to the PC)

Location: Lilycove city

Shelby: Umm… there are a lot of aqua grunts here.

Cooler: Yeah there is.

Abby: Should we do something about it?

Justin: Maybe later.

Amber: Well if we are not going to do something about the team aqua grunts… lets go shopping!

Cooler: I feel like that would be a waste of time.

Sonic: Not to mention money.

Abby, Rose, Shelby and Amber: Shopping!

(The girls start dragging the guys to the department store)

Location: in front of the department store

May: Justin!

Justin: Arceus damn it.

May: It’s been a while so how about a battle!

Justin: It has not been that long I literary saw you the other day.

May: Battle…?

Justin: (sigh) Why not.

Battle begins

Justin: Abby make this quick!

Abby: I plan on it!

Forty one minutes later…

Abby: Shelby your turn!

Shelby: Bring it on!

Forty five minutes later…

Shelby: Cooler! Hey, you haven’t been in a battle for a while!

Cooler: Thank Arceus I have been so board!

Forty two minutes later…

(Cooler gets hit with mud shot stumbles backward and knocks down a house)

Shelby: Cooler you okay!?

Cooler (in the house rubble): Yeah!

Justin: I am not paying for that. Shelby wrap this up!

Shelby: You got it!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

May: Hey Justin I have to ask why is it your team changes so much?

Justin: What do you mean?

May: Well you never seem to have a Pokémon for long. I mean the only Pokémon that has been consistently on your team is your Minum why is that?

Justin: Ummm… I don’t know.

May: Well I got to go. (Leaves)

Rose (pulling on Justin’s jacket sleeve): SHOPING!

(Amber uses flamethrower on Justin’s back side)

Justin (putting out the flames): AAAHH! OKAY! OKAY! We will go shopping.

After going bankrupt…

Justin: Are we done because I am now broke?

Abby: Yeah we are done.

Sonic (carrying all the shopping bags): Why do I have to carry all these! (Arms give out under the weight of the bags and they fall on top of him)

Hours of trying to remember where I am supposed to go…

Location: Team magma base

Battle begins

Justin: Who would have thought there would be Pokémon inside the magma hideout and a Geodude no less?

Cooler: Let me handle this one!

Battle ends Geodude was caught

Justin: Let’s call him… Stoner. (Sends to PC)

Rose: Alright let’s go kick some magma tail!

Justin: Magma has tails?

Cooler: Oh dear Arceus.

Several magma grunt battles later…

Amber: Hey Justin.

Justin: Yeah.

Amber: Where are you going to use that fire stone so I can evolve?

Justin (not noticing sonic digging through his stuff): what fire stone?

Sonic (throwing a fire stone to Amber): This one.

Justin: I was going to use that later.

Sonic: Well now it is later.

Justin: No this is now, now.

Sonic: What?

Justin: Everything that happens now is now.

Sonic: Then go back to then.

Justin: We can’t.

Sonic: Why not?

Justin We missed it.

Sonic: When?

Justin: Just now.

Sonic: Okay when will then be now?

Justin: Soon.

Amber: Can we go now.

Sonic: Where?

Justin: To the center of the base.

Sonic: When?

Cooler: We should be there before night fall.

Sonic: WHO!?

(Everyone looks at Sonic all confused)

Several magma grunts later…

Location: Center of the magma base

Maxie: The time has finally come.

Justin: What’s with the big rock?

Maxie: Oh it’s just you I thought you might be the pizza guy. Because in the ten seconds my pizza is free.

Justin (pulling out a pizza box): That will be… 23.58.

Maxie: WHAT!?

Justin: You wanted it delivered to the inside of a volcano.

Maxie: Fair enough. (Pays for his pizza)

Justin (grabbing a slice of pizza): So back to my question what’s with the rock?

Maxie: It’s not a rock it’s the might RED Groudon! And once I use this BLUE orb I will have complete control of it! Then no one will be able to stop me not team Aqua or the leader of Team Cloud! (Uses the BLUE orb)

(A blue light fills the room and Groudon returns to life then walks aggressively walk closer to Maxie and then just charges through the wall behind Maxie)

Maxie: YOU! I knew that the Leader of Team cloud delivering my pizza was strange! You did something!

Justin (with sonic eating a pizza slice on his shoulder): look if I have done anything it is eat all of you pizza while you were ranting.

Maxie: THAT’S IT! (Hits the self-destruct button)

Computer: the base will explode and cove the entire mountain in lava in exactly twenty one minutes

Battle begins

Justin: Shelby!

Shelby: Bring it on!

Twenty minutes later…

Sonic: We don’t have time for this let me do this!

Shelby: You’re right we don’t have the time to do this!

Battle ends Justin is the winner

Maxie: it now occurs to me that I should have grabbed the RED orb … That Archie probably has right now. (Throws a smoke bomb)

Computer: thirty seconds until detonation.

Justin (returning everyone to the pokeballs except Sonic): We got to get out of here!

Sonic (climbing into Justin’s inside jacket pocket): There is not enough time to get to the door!

Justin (knocking over a small stone pillar): I know now hold on!

(Justin picks up the pillar and jumps out of the whole in the wall Groudon made just as the base explores, then uses the pillar as a snowboard to get down the mountain)

Sonic: That was too close.

Justin (looking over his shoulder): talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Sonic: What are you talking about? (Looks behind them and sees the lava chasing them down the mountain side) Oh that.

(Justin continues to slide down the mountain dodging falling rock s and trying to stay ahead of the lava)

Sonic: Faster! Faster! Faster!

Justin: I think this is it!

(Justin then spots something he can use as a jump and aims for it)

Justin: Almost there!

Sonic: This is not going to work!

(They reach the jump the pillar gets stuck right at the bottom of the jump and sends Justin and sonic flying thought the air far away from the mountain)

Location: route 134

(Justin and sonic fall into the water)

Sonic: I told you it wasn’t going to work.

(Justin pushes Sonic’s head under the water)

Location: Slateport city

Justin: Hey look its Captain Stern.

Sonic (ringing the water out of his fur): I hope he has a towel.

Stern: No more questions!

(Reporters leave)

Justin: So now that your interview is over what’s up.

Stern: We made a discovery on our Sea flour exploration.

Justin: And that would be…

Stern: An undersea caver no route 128!

Justin (sarcastically): Wow it’s not like people haven’t found those before.

Intercom: Hey Stern we Team Aqua are taking your sub!

Stern: Noooo! Not my lunch!

Intercom: Hey cool you have a submarine in here to cool! We are so taking that too. (Chewing) Bye oh and your lunch is delicious.

Stern: Justin you can’t let those monsters get away with taking my sub.

Justin: Don’t worry… I will get your submarine back.

Stern: I was taking about my lunch!

Location: Lilycove city

Justin: So what makes you so sure that team Aqua’s base is here in Lilycove?

Rose: There are aqua grunts everywhere.

Justin: True. By the way why is it you guys don’t talk a lot?

Shelby: We do talk.

Cooler: You just don’t listen and talk to Sonic all the time.

(Justin is facing sonic)

Abby: Are you even listening!?

Justin: Huh? Sorry me and sonic where talking about how to beat Mike Tysons Punch Out. Did you guys want something?

Amber: (Sigh) No.

Several grunt battles later…

Location: aqua base

Battle begins

Justin: What is a wild Electrode doing in here!?

Shelby: How am I supposed to know let’s just catch it and fine that sub!

Justin: Umm I think that that has already gone through his digestive track by now.

Shelby: No the sand witch!

Battle ends Electrode was caught

Justin: Oh let’s call it… BOOM! (Sends to PC)

A few more grunt battles later…
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