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My pokemon adventure part 1

by Kayla Seitz

Kayla Seitz This is a story I made up so it is not the actual diamond and pearl story.
It was 7:00am.It was time to get my starter pokemon.I'm going to get turtwig! I said to myself as I was walking to the lab.Fortunately turtwig was the only one there but something seemed wrong about it,it was not colored in all the way.Then the fake turtwig fell flat on the table.Is this some kind of joke! I yelled angrily. Then I saw Dawn hiding behind the table.Um sorry Kayla there are no more starters. She said quietly.Oh no now what am I going to do! I said worried. Wait there is one more starter Dawn said.Follow me.As I followed Dawn upstairs I wondered what the pokemon could be.Next thing I knew we were in the room next to professor Rowen`s room.To be continued...