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My First Adventure

by UniqueMichael

UniqueMichael My first ever time playing Pokémon FireRed (I was a noob at the time...)
Chapter 1
I was five when my parents bought me Pokémon FireRed for the Game Boy Advance and I was excited and talked nonstop about Pokémon for, like, four years. I got home and started playing right away. I was walking around looking for Professor Oak until I realized that I had to walk into the tall grass. I walked into his lab and, as usual, you had to pick your starter. I picked Bulbasaur. Then my rival, I named him Gary after the anime, picked Charmander and fought me. I won and was all excited and then Gary ran out of the lab and I went to go level up my Bulbasaur. I kept going until I got to Viridian City. I healed Bulbasaur and went to the mart to buy more potions when the clerk gave my Oak's Parcel. I was mad at him for some reason, probably because he wouldn't let me buy potions until I delivered the parcel. I gave Oak the parcel and then Gary walked in. He gave both of us five pokeballs and the Pokedex. I was so excited because I could catch Pokémon now.

Chapter 2 coming soon...
  1. UniqueMichael
    This is my first time writing a story like this. Please don't hate.
    Jun 23, 2015