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My Dream Pokemon Journey

by Ivan8pie

Ivan8pie I've always wanted Pokémon to be real, and this if I had to go on a Pokémon journey, this is how I would want it to happen.
On the morning of my tenth birthday, I would wake up and have a big breakfast. After I finish eating my breakfast, I would clean up, pack up everything for my journey, and head out. I would go to a nearby professor and choose my starting Pokémon. If I had to select one of the many starting Pokémon, I would choose Charmander because I'm a huge fan of Charizard, and I want to be a Pokémon trainer with Dragon-type Pokémon (even though Charizard isn't Dragon-type). I would travel across seas, mountains, fields; you name it. I would also like to meet a couple of new people to join me on my journey (preferably a guy and a girl because you know, that's how Ash does it!). My main goal as a Pokémon trainer would have to be showing the Pokémon world what I can do as a trainer and a person. I would take care of every Pokémon that I own, or meet. I would try to get into the Pokémon League, earn a badge from each gym, and train my Pokémon as hard as I can. Some Pokémon that I would prefer to have on my team are Dragonite, Salamence, Flygon, Latios, Gallade; there are so many out there. If I ever run into trouble, I would try my hardest to protect myself and my Pokémon. If some evil team or something tries to hurt me, well, they better watch out because, I am a Pokémon trainer.