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Mudkips travles: Mudkip travels New York Part 1


One day a cute little Pokemon named Mud kip was walking threw the woods and he found a hole in the ground. There was a light coming out of the hole. Mud kip got closer to hole. The poor Mud kip was pushed into the hole And fell and fell and fell and finally plop. He landed, he was sitting in a puddle of yucky stinky water. Mud kip looked to the ceiling and saw two tiny holes and a latter. He climbed up the latter. He looked threw the holes and heard a lot of roaring. Then suddenly a loud roar. Mud kip accidentally hit is head he on the ceiling and he saw something. He wasn't sure what is was. He put his hands on the ceiling and pushed and a burst of light blinded him. It took his a second to get used to the light. He got out of the hole and saw a strange machine came over top of him. It had four round thing on the bottom. He saw a bunch of lights and sighs and people. Another one of those machines came up and all of a sudden a really loud noise comes of it. Mud kip crawl out of the hole and run to the side. Then this one person screamed and ran away. Mud kip is really confused, He kept hearing the same noise as the machine did when it came up to me. Mud kip wondered around for a while and he saw a sigh it said "New York's best coffee". After mud kip wondered around for a while he was getting hungry, he saw a banana on the ground. He finished his banana. It was starting to get dark. Mud kip had to find a place to sleep. It started to get really late. Mud kip was getting very sleepy. Then he heard someone coming. He was yelling at something, he had a little thing up at his ear. Mud kip had to hide. The person was getting closer, then suddenly he yelled really loudly "What do you mean you lost my car. That was a 40,000 dollar car you better find it" yelled the Person. "Whats a car" Mud kip thought. "Was it one of those machines that had the four round things". The man turned the corner where I was hiding. He wasn't yelling anymore. Mud kip couldn't hold still, he rustled around in the pile of trash. The man noticed the moving and noise, "who's there?" He said. Mud kip thought it would be a good idea to come out. Which he did. The man stood there silently. "What the heck are you" the man finally said. TO BE CONTINUED