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Misssingno's Revenge

by KingGreninja

KingGreninja Misssingno appears in the Lumoise Boutique and leads to the death of an old friend. This based on a true story. No JOKE! This is a three part series of a Easter egg led to something horrifying and the most traumatizing event of my life.
A few months ago, I found Missingno in Lumoise City. I found in the darkness where you're about to enter the boutique. I looked online to see if I've lost my mind, but people noticed this before me.A few days later, I asked a friend of mine to transfer some pokemon to my Pokemon X. He agreed to do it and when he returned my game back, something was off. I noticed that most of my pokemon that we're holding mega stones were gone. I asked him if he took my pokemon, and he said no. I starting noticing that some of other pokemon starting disappearing. I looked around to see where they are and all I find is a Misssingno with a mega stone, and this where things creepy for me and my pokemon. This is the end of part one.
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