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MissingNo.: The Forth Legendary Bird of Kanto

by Vaughan

Vaughan There is much speculation over what MissingNo. really is, but with the facts in the right places, it may just point us right to the Legendaries themselves.
By Vaughan Schmidt

MissingNo. is probably the most popular video game glitch ever created, and many people have tried to push it to it's limits of what it can do in your game and how and where you could catch it. It is indeed a Glitch Pokemon, so there may be dangerous repercussions from the exploitation of such a glitch. It is also known that the MissingNo. occupy the leftover save spaces, since there were not enough Pokemon to fill all the designated spaces. But there are rumors as to the exact origin of the MissingNo, since it has it's own type and knows certain attacks. Plus, there wouldn't be any issue if the spaces were just left blank, inaccessible by the game and left as free space. One of these ideas, based out of knowledge from code writing, says that it was once actually the Forth Legendary Bird of Kanto.

Currently, there are three Legendary Birds: ArticUNO, ZapDOS, and MolTRES, each ending their name with a spanish number, starting at one and going up. In the original Pokemon Red game, the type "Bird" was still in it's bata stage, with no real difference from the "Normal" type. There were not many Pokemon to have this "Bird" type in the original games, but the three Legendaries did. Normally, this wouldn't mean much. But because of its relative rareness in the original games, one can only assume that there was a relation between the Legendaries and MissingNo., since it too was a Bird type.

Currant data suggests that the original MissingNo. was actually the original version of Ho-oh, though it was scrapped until the Johto region (this MissingNo. we will refer to by Hocuatro, being the assumed original name, with ho from ho-oh and cuatro being the next spanish number meaning four). The Ho-oh that is used now is "Fire" and "Flying," seeing as the type was changed from "Bird" to "Flying" in-between the two games. Having two legendary birds both being a "Fire" type wouldn't really make sense, so it was originally supposed to be a "Psychic" type. This accounts for the use of attacks such as Extrasensory, which Ho-oh knows during your battle with it. Hocuatro's psychic type was exchanged with the normal type, making it part "Bird" type and part "Normal" type, since normal is easier to store in bata format.

It is unknown where Hocuatro's placement in the game would have been, but you would have to assume somewhere with difficulty getting through too, possibly up a waterfall in Mount Moon. The exact purpose of it being left in the game are unknown, but it is assumed that it was left as some sort of Easter Egg, though it may just be a programming error leaving a near-blank identity of a Pokemon in the game. Whatever the reason, the MissingNo. controversy is one of the largest of it's kind, and no matter what you believe to be it's purpose, the possibility of a Forth Legendary Bird of Kanto - the great Hocuatro - just might stay one of the more prominent theories.
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  1. Vaughan
    If you go onto the creative corner page, somewhere near the top is something to the effect of "create new work". It shouldnt be hard to follow the given prompts from there.
    Jan 20, 2014
  2. Lime307
    This is great! Can you tell me how to make one of these? I kinda wanna talk about my own topic but can't figure out how...thanks! :D
    Jan 17, 2014