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EtherealHaze's Mega Pokemon: Mega Sawsbuck (Spring Form)

by EtherealHaze

Mega Sawsbuck - Spring form.png
EtherealHaze Type: Fairy/Grass
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 245.9 lbs
Ability: Serene Grace
Mega Stone: Sawsite

Yes I know I'm supposed to be doing requests, but for some reason everyone is giving me Pokemon that are quite hard to create megas for, Sylveon and Aurorus are super hard and Espeon is quite a challenge as well. I like to take my time on megas anyway, because I don't want there designs to be boring and sloppy.
I came up with this design about a day ago, I had to draw it because I just knew if I started thinking about the request megas, the idea would fade away, if you know what I mean.
I'm pretty happy with it as well, Sawsbuck deserves a mega in my opinion.
I hope you like it :)
    THATS GEORGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
    Apr 13, 2016
  2. BonnieTheBunny
    This is just plain amazing :)
    Sep 16, 2015
  3. _Umbreon_
    Yes Winter, Spring, Autum, and summer!

    Personally I like winter.
    Sep 7, 2015
  4. Elemental_Hydreigon
    Is there other Sawsback Seasons?
    Sep 7, 2015
  5. Pokemon Champion Black
    Pokemon Champion Black
    Interesting. Well now we know your favorite season
    Mar 3, 2015
  6. TrashAI
    Can i request a mega spinda (legitimately, as in if it really needs one)
    Jan 7, 2015
  7. NocturnalNetwork
    Dec 3, 2014
  8. lilonegia
    I really, really, really, really wish that this was REAL!!!!!!!
    Nov 21, 2014
  9. IsaiahJN
    Love it!:halo:
    Oct 15, 2014
    lilonegia likes this.
  10. Pokemadi
    This is so beautiful! I love it.
    Oct 6, 2014
  11. Whimsical Totodile
    Whimsical Totodile
    It's so pretty! I love the fluff on its next! And those beautiful white antlers! Are you still taking requests?
    Oct 6, 2014
  12. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Beautiful. This represents the beauty of grass types and spring.
    Oct 5, 2014
  13. VaporeonOfLegend
    Why isn't this a thing?!?! Seriously, this is amazing!
    Oct 4, 2014
  14. SparkyLewis949
    I would totally have this on my team(not that I wouldn't without the mega). I was to ride him so bad!
    Oct 4, 2014
  15. TrashAI
    the design, lineart, color, and where the light and shade lands on the picture Is amazing. keep up the good work, Virizyth
    Sep 30, 2014
  16. Kayla Seitz
    Kayla Seitz
    Sawsbuck is my favorite normal type
    Sep 29, 2014
  17. Corion
    Absolutely stunning.
    Sep 29, 2014
  18. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    I suddenly want it to be Spring again... I WANT TO WEAR THIS ON A SHIRT IN THE SPRINGTIME! :love:
    Sep 26, 2014
  19. Linkachu
    Everything about this is really, really nice (the lineart, the design, the colouring/shading, etc.) and it makes me curious to see what the other seasonal forms of Sawsbuck would look like Mega'd. Have you put any thought into those designs as well? :)

    Even if you haven't, wonderful picture! It's always nice to take a break and draw the things that you want to draw~
    Sep 26, 2014
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