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Mega Jirachi doodle

by mishymolly

2015-01-05 16.16.34.jpg
  1. Ravyne Nevermore
    Ravyne Nevermore
    I love it! :D
    May 29, 2015
    mishymolly likes this.
  2. mishymolly
    @Viviaren Thank you so much! I can say the same about all your megas!
    But honestly, your opinion means so much to me, you have no idea how happy I am right now!!
    Again, thank you so much! **I am giving you huge virtual hug right now** x3
    Apr 2, 2015
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  3. EtherealHaze
    This is by far the best Mega Jirachi I have ever seen. The design is simple but really effective (if you understand what I mean XD). These are the kind of megas that I like, not the super-hyper complex ones with spikes and stuff, the really simple and beautifully designed ones. The way you have designed the arms is absolutely gorgeous and I love the little changes you have made as well.
    A simply wonderful Mega design :)
    Apr 2, 2015