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MEA: Mega Evolution Academy

by BlazeCharizard1249

BlazeCharizard1249 Welcome to MEA! A school for trainers that have harnessed the power of mega evolution. Join Megan, Liz, Jordan, and Kate as they deal with school drama, new pokemon, and just surviving their classes! Along the way they'll make new friends, battle rivals, and discover the magic behind the world of Pokemon.
Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the Mega Evolution Academy! I hope your stay here is pleasant. Well this fanfiction stars students from MEA and their pokemon.

1. New School, New Adventure

Megan couldn't believe it.

She was finally at the MEA! A school known throughout the Kalos region as the best school to master the powers of Mega Evolution. Her heart gave a sudden leap of happiness by just standing at the iron gates.This isn't a dream. This is reality! I trained hard with Blaziken and now we're both going to become stronger. She thought.

"Feeling nervous?"Her partner asked.

"Are you kidding? I'm so excited to be attending this school! You should be too you know." She often found herself scolding at her partner's ignorance. Blaziken shrugged his shoulders.

"You're going to do fine. Liz and Jordan will be here with you. They already have tons more experience while as you only had a few days." He joked. Megan slapped him on the arm, making him wince in pain. She pushed the iron gate open and gasped at the scenery.

It was just like in the brochure! A giant school on a field of green. The mega evolution symbol on the middle of every window. It almost looked like the Tower of Mastery with it's castle-like layout. Big golden statues of different mega evolved pokemon adorned the walkway down to the building.

Megan found herself listing all the pokemon while walking down. Venusaur, Blastoise, Lucario, Gardevior, Ampahros, Salamence, Metagross, Audino, Altaria, Garchomp, Absol, and so many more. I never knew there were so many mega evolved pokemon?!

"MEGAN! YOU'RE HERE!" A high pitched voice interrupted her thoughts.

A black haired girl with brown glasses ran down the walkway. She wore a black coat with a uniformed shirt, black skirt, and brown pleats. On her finger was a ring with a Gardeviorite.

Megan found herself on the ground as her best friend Liz tackled her in a hug. The two laughed and continued to hug each other.

"Oh Megan I missed you so much! You never call me or send me letters. Where have you been for all these years? Wait is that a mega stone around your neck?"

Megan nodded, pointing to her necklace. The Blazikenite sparkled brightly in the sunlight.

"Yep I just got it a few days ago. Blaziken and I had been searching for months to find it. Eventually we had to make a little trip to the Hoenn region and receive one from Professor Birch." Megan explained.

"Either way I'm glad you're here! Oh I seem to misplace my partner. Gardevior sweetheart where are you?" Liz called out.

Megan and Blaziken grimaced at that. They both knew that when Gardevior and Liz were together, it was like putting the "air" in airhead.

"She's with me Liz." A handsome guy with chestnut hair walked up. He was wearing a similar uniform except with dress pants. Beside him was his partner, Lucario and Gardevior.

"Thank goodness for you, Jordan! I'm so scatterbrained that I left Gardevior in the battle room." Liz sobbed.

"Please don't let it happen again." Gardevior pleaded sobbing along with her.

Jordan gave Megan a Is she for real? look before addressing her.

"I see you and Blaziken made it. I hope we get to battle soon." He said.

"The quicker, the better." Lucario agreed.

"You really want a replay of last time? Because I kicked your butt with my Blaze Kick attack." Blaziken taunted. Lucario growled and gave him a smirk.

"This time it'll be different. We both have mega evolution forms. We're going to see who's stronger. " He and Blaziken had an intense stare off.

Megan rolled her eyes at the twosome. Their rivalry was quite ridiculous. Jordan sighed as he took up Megan's bags.

"Ready to go on in?" He asked.

"Of course she's ready! Let's go!" Liz exclaimed.

Megan nodded. "I'm ready for my new adventure."

With that, the trainers and their pokémon walked through the doors of the MEA.
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