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Meeting the Shiny Latias

by Jariii

Jariii This Is the Story of How I ( Jester ) met Latias , This is my first written work ever!
Please Read and enjoy and please spare a moment to give feedback
This Is the Story of How I ( Jester ) met Latias

I was surfing on the ocean once I beat Wallace the Champion of Hoenn
The gentle breeze of the wind caused me the doze off without a care in the world
as I woke up and opened my eyes you flew by, your golden color and shining stars is the last thing I could remember.
I flew home and opened some books only to find your name : Latias.
One thing struck me funny your I remember your color was not Red but a gold like honey.
I had determination on my side , for you (Latias) I was to search and find.

From Mosdeep to Pacifidlog I came and went but no trace of you to be found.
as storm was coming a gave up hope and screamed out loud, me and my Wailord both out of energy passed out.
When I came by I was on a Island, I did not know why, there was a stone next to me as blue as the sky.
various rare berries I found and wild Wynaut a bunch.
I found out where i was: Mirage Island what kind of luck!
As I explored Mirage Island found a few Sitrus Berries and gave them to Wailord now he was alright as well!
Together we went to Pacifidlog happy we were finally we could go to the poke center for a full cure.

As Wailord was getting healed i caught a story of what recently happened
"A boy without out of consciousness got dragged out of the storm and then flow off in the direction of Mirage Island."
I immediately asked if the people saw the Pokemon by chance?
"I am not quite sure but i saw a gold colored Latias by a quick glance." , I asked the people if they know of this stone.
"That stone is dear to Latias as it is a Soul Dew which increases her power."
I got saved by Latias in a flash, heh kind of ironic that I was saved by the Pokemon I was determined to catch.
Although i was saddened by the fact that I was determined to capture the Pokemon I failed and she ended up saving me and losing her precious stone.

I went out to search with a differed goal in mind : to find and to thank you the Pokemon who saved my hide and to bring back the stone she lost.
With the sun shining i went off looking for you, after a long time i found Latias napping on a nice rock.
I called out to Latias she woke up and prepared to fly off I begged her to stop.
I heard a voice in my head it appears Latias is speaking to me using telepathy:
"Are you the one who I have saved in the storm?" I answered yes "Do you still want to capture me?" I asked how she knew it , "That long night when I did not appear I read your mind and found out that you wanted to capture me."
Yes that is true but i have changed now I wanted to give you the Soul dew back and to thank you for saving me.
"I see thank you for bringing the stone back , I can see there is something else on your mind."
Yes I would like to have a battle with you to see if I am even worthy!

After a long battle it seems this was the final round.
I could see that my Sceptile was on its last legs and Latias was tired as well , for my final order i asked Sceptile to give it his all and use his best leaf blade , Latias countered with a mist ball.
after the mist went away I saw that both Sceptile and Latias fainted, I returned Sceptile to his Pokebal and called Skarmory to fly me and Latias to the Pokemon center in Ever Grande City.
after all my Pokemon and Latias got cured i went outside to catch my breath, I heard her voice once again "I see the potential that you have I shall join you."

And that is the story of how I met Her she is still to date my most prized Pokemon and thanks to her I am still the Hoenn Champion to this day!

I thank you all for reading this and I hope to hear some feedback, be it positive or negative everything is welcome as this is the first “Story” I have written. ^.^
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  1. Wally and Lewy
    Wally and Lewy
    You should add " and " when you talk also.
    Dec 1, 2013
  2. ShinyZekrom009
    Pretty good job. I just noticed a few errors a little proofreading couldn't solve, so remember to check over your work :)
    Nov 28, 2013
  3. Rinoa Heartilly
    Rinoa Heartilly
    I really enjoyed reading this and from what I can see, you've got an interesting plot going on. I know that English isn't easy and sometimes other difficulties can make it even harder to grasp. So! the fact that this is your first story is really impressive. In my personal opinion, you've done well! Now, I know that you're looking for feedback but I'm not very skilled with my own words... So, I would like to redirect you to here. There is some very good advice listed inside the thread that I feel you will find useful for future. G'luck! (:
    Nov 28, 2013