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Me in AoT ~ Sanae (WIP)

by Skyy-chan

Skyy-chan I drew this because AoT :3

This is a WIP, so it's not purely finished and I still have things to polish and shine
(The face, the background, etc.)

I used a pose that Sasha did, because Sasha is the potato girl. And besides, she looks like me with her bangs and kinda with the hair color. The pavement ticked me off, and so did the buildings to the right. I might draw more stuff on the shop, and might draw someone in the store, maybe Mikasa and Eren, Armin, etc..... Yeah. This will take a lot of B, F, and 2B pencils... And a couple small erasers.
  1. Skyy-chan
    Thank you ♥~ I am currently on highlighting everything with pen, and then I might color it.
    Jul 30, 2014
  2. voidaquariums
    This looks pretty good ♥
    Jul 29, 2014