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Luna the witch (a future creepypasta

by stephanie spots

stephanie spots Don't EVER cheat on Luna (you don't hear about her exes because she killed them)
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  1. stephanie spots
    stephanie spots
    I've got drawings Saradeckszu made of Luna she is a Japanese anime drawing with stitches on her face she is always holding a knife and has a zipper mouth and you can see a reflection of flames in her eyes WTF Saradeckszu?!
    Jun 1, 2014
  2. stephanie spots
    stephanie spots
    Actully yes my cousion wouldn't shut up until I got it! XD she will be featured in my series in LBP2

    Luna's sad story
    Luna was five and she was experimented on for 3 years
    She's has no freinds except Steven a Bannete because she is half human half Bannete so to get revenge on the world because she was in a battle and when she went to send out Steven someone slapped the pokeball out her hand when that happend Steven died because his Cherish ball cracked resulting him to die so she killed Giovanni and turned into a killer Steven's ghost wishes she would stop killing innocent people Luna cries every night wishing for Steven to come back

    Luna belongs to me and my freind Saradeckszu or Sara and all I did was use some stickers on her and the spear "knife" she holds I also made Meloetta Aria and Pirouette Darkrai and Darketta it's really hard to tell them apart also King Bustopher and Goddess Ghostcat They all debut In my level Bustiria
    Jun 1, 2014
  3. ignitusfire12
    That's good! :) I really like her hair. You have LBP 2 too?
    Jun 1, 2014
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