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Rocoso Diaries: Lucy Rayne: Rocoso Diaries I

by Carmen Lopez

Carmen Lopez High school in the Pokemon World!

I wrote this one-off a few years ago (!!!) If you've ever read my fic Veilstone Diaries, you'll know that Rocoso is a rival school. This is another look at what going to school in the Pokemon world could be like. The students get to have their Pokemon with them outside of class (and sometimes even in class). Not everyone has a Pokemon but everyone is into watching battles and such. Enough rambling though!
LUCY! RYAN! Get UP! You’re gonna be late for school!”

“Mfghm?” I said groggily. I slowly sat up in my bed just in time to hear the front door slam. The person who was just yelling and then left was my dad. I’d hit the snooze button one too many times and I’d ticked him off for the morning. Whatever. Not only did I still have a lot of time, I always manage to get myself to school even when I actually left my house late.

“Cr-o-o-o-agunk,” whined Ryan, my Croagunk who was sleeping on the bottom bunk of my bed. He really wasn’t a morning person, errr Pokémon.

“Dude, we go through this every morning,” I teased him, “you’re used to getting up and you know it.”

“Gunk,” he grunted. That doesn’t mean I like it, was what that translated to. I heard him pull the covers back over his head.

I dragged myself out of bed to get dressed—something that was always an adventure. See, my room was a class A disaster area because I don’t see the point in having it clean all the time. For example, my closet was overflowing and there was stuff all over the floor, etc. My school uniform was spread out all over my room: the black jacket was in a crumpled heap on a pile of junk in my closet, the white shirt was somehow under my bed, and the black, white, and charcoal gray plaid skirt was in my desk chair. I don’t even know how any of that stuff got there.

I got my uniform together and put it on, and then the real dressing up began. Ryan groaned as I started shifting the clothes that were all over my floor.

“Quit making snide remarks, Ryan,” I said to the Croagunk. “This is all part of the routine…”

It was also a part of why I loved my school, called Rocoso High School, so much. All we had to do was wear the basic uniform and we could accessorize however else we wanted. I was in a golden kind of mood (I even had a gold pea coat I was going to wear) so I looked for a pair of yellow knee socks which were somewhere in a pile of junk. I found one, but couldn’t find the other one. Well, that just wouldn’t do; I was in golden mood and by golly I was going to wear yellow. I uncovered a yellow and white and black plaid sock and since it was nearly the same shade of yellow as the other one, I made do. After putting on the appropriate jewelry, eye shadow, loafers, and hair band, I was set.

“Now see Ryan?” I said as I finish picking out my fro and briefly contemplating dying it. “That wasn’t too painful was it?”

“Cr-o-o-o…” he croaked as he scratched his head I guess not. He was in a better mood now that he mostly awake. I thought people were crazy when they said you could kinda understand what a Pokémon was saying if you were around them long enough. Now I see what they mean. I can’t exactly translate what Ryan was saying; it was almost like I could read the tone behind what he was saying.

“Good,” I said nodding, “Now we have to go to school so I can finish up an essay.”

Dad was yelling at me for nothing. I still had about forty five minutes—fifteen of which would be spent getting to school. I grabbed breakfast for Ryan and myself and made it to school with thirty minutes to spare. Then I realized I had forgotten to get my dad to sign my progress report which meant (cue the fanfare) I had lunch detention. Oh well, at least could get some homework done there.

As I was opening the door to go into the school, these three freshmen were trying to leave and nearly hit me. They took one look at Ryan and me and rushed off. I guess they still hadn’t recovered from Freshmen Initiation Week also known as freshmen beat down week. And that months ago. Yeah, sure it was mean, but it was hilarious. Quite a few people ended up in dumpsters, paying money for all kinds of bogus crap, getting stuff poured on them, being sent off in the wrong directions (you’d think those runts would know never to ask upperclassmen for directions), etc. We never did anything that could get us arrested or anything. And hey, we had to go the same thing as freshmen (they got GLUE in my fro D: ).

I knew my clique would be in the lobby outside of the stadium so that was where I went. And sure enough, there they were. Chase Navarro, Rosephanie Vance (her first name is supposed to rhyme with Stephanie), Callum Patel, and Laura Madison. Unlike most other cliques, we chose not to dress alike most of the time. Normally there would be people having a quick battle before school started, but the stadium was currently closed because they were doing taping for something.

“What’s up?” I asked everyone as I plopped down on comfy chair beside Chase and pulled out my laptop.

“Don’t tell me you’re about to do your essay now,” said Chase. “You were supposed to do that last night!”

“Hnn, I had better things to do,” I said dismissively. “And besides, I’m not doing my essay now. I’m finishing it.” I quantified the difference.

“You slacker!” Laura teased me in her girlish voice as she twirled her finger around a lock of her curly strawberry blonde hair. She often dressed in a little girl style. Today she was wearing pink knee socks with lace at the top, high heeled black patent leather Mary Janes, and pink corset looking shirt instead of the usual white shirt, a petticoat, and of course the accessories and the like. We called Laura the informer of the group because she always seemed to know all of the big news around school first and then informed us of them.

"You say that like it’s a bad thing,” I protested. “And besides, I did have something better to do…like listen to Chase talk about his battle from last week.” I glared at him and he recoiled slightly.

“Oh, fair enough then,” said Laura, and that was that. Discussing battling was a perfectly good excuse for putting off finishing a really minor essay until later.

“Besides,” said Callum. “Lucy seems to make better grades than all of us even when she procrastinates.” You could consider him the thinker of our group especially compared to Chase. He had on a pair of army boots and he was wearing a camouflage jacket over his uniform. It was funny because while he could beat the crap out of people if he wanted, he didn’t because he was so gentle—even if he could be sarcastic at times. His gray eyes contrasted with his brown skin color.

I smiled to myself as I thought about our last project. Some kids in my class had gotten so mad at me when I got a better grade than they did when I’d done the project two days before it was due, and they’d started a month ago. It’s not my fault they wasted their time. “Now enough about my procrastination expertise. I believe I asked you ‘What’s up’ first.”

“Oh right,” said Chase. He and I were pretty much best friends. Chase could be bit hot-headed and impulsive sometimes, and loves Pokémon battles. Unlike most of the school, he doesn’t really care about making a fashion statement—except with his hair and shoes both of which he takes good care of. A lot of people (including me) say he has a shoe fetish. His naturally brown hair was dyed crimson red and he had on a pair of nice sneakers. “Some stupid freshman disrespected my shoes this morning, so he’s going to pay with a Pokémon battle.”

“How does one disrespect a pair of shoes?” Rosephanie (Sephy for short) asked. She was the quietest of our clique and she was very beautiful with her long wavy jet black hair and green eyes. Sephy always wore a chullo style hat with a matching scarf and purple Ugg boots in the winter time. This time she had on thick purple tights as well.

“By stepping on them and scuffing them!” Chase said. He held up his foot so we could all see the damage which was major to him and miniscule to us. “Lowell and I will make sure that kid doesn’t come near my shoes again. And it’ll be good training for my rematch with Mateo.”

“Why, so you can get your butt kicked a third time?” Callum asked dryly. “I wonder which Pokémon he’d used to do it.”

“Shut up, Callum,” Chase said bluntly and we all laughed except Sephy who was watching Ryan and another student’s Psyduck compete in a staring contest. Or maybe they were having a conversation; you couldn’t tell with Ryan sometimes.

By the time the bell rang, I had finished up with my essay and it was pretty good if I do say so myself.

“Time to get into your Pokéball, Ryan,” I said as I got it out of my bag.

“Croa!” he protested.

“We’re watching one of those movies you find so boring,” I told him.

“Gunk,” he said trying to plead his case.

“Sorry buddy, but you fell asleep the last couple of times and started snoring—loudly. The teacher said if that happened again, we’d get detention.”

Ryan was looking as though I had a point and he went into his Pokéball without any trouble this time. Everyone in our clique had Pokémon, but only Sephy and Chase did serious battling. Both of them were pretty good, but Sephy was probably the stronger of the two. She often surprised people with her skill. But I noticed she was even quieter than usual throughout all the Pokémon talk, and I caught up to her after everyone else had went their separate ways.

“Is everything all right, Sephy?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “I…didn’t want to bring down the mood or anything, but my mom, my step-father, and my brother were being idiots again this morning…” she trailed off, sighing.

"Sorry to hear that.” I didn’t really know what to say to help in this situation. Sephy’s family situation was more than bit complicated and I know it took all she had to not be emo about it half the time.

“Thanks,” she said. “I would honestly rather not go home today though, but if I didn’t, that would start a whole ‘nother round of drama.”

“I know I’m not being much help here, but we can talk later if you want,” I offered awkwardly.

“You’re more of a help than you think,” she told me. “I’ll see you at lunch.”

“Uh, make that after school,” I said with a little grin. “I didn’t get my progress report signed so I’m probably getting lunch detention.”

“Lucy, Lucy, Lucy,” she said in a sing song voice. She waved once and then left for her first period class (we didn’t have homeroom like other school’s in Veilstone City did).

I laughed and then ducked into my Physics class. Honestly it should be illegal to have a class so boring this early in the morning. I’m probably going to wish I could go into a Pokéball and sleep by the end of it.
  1. Carmen Lopez
    Carmen Lopez
    Thanks for the comments! Now that I posted it here (and at least two people liked it) I think I might continue this as a miniseries of sorts.
    Oct 2, 2013
  2. ShinyZekrom009
    Oh, I've always loved the idea of school in the Pokemon world! Love the story, and the characters Callum and Sephy! A good, entertaining read that I won't soon forget. Also, "Freshman Initiation Week" XD
    Oct 2, 2013
  3. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    Ah yes. I remember this little one shot. It's too bad that's all it is because the premise is really fun what with Pokemon being in school. I know we have Diaries, but this just offers a completely different dynamic, plus the characters in this story are already so well fleshed out. Hopefully we'll see more of your work in the Corner Carmen!
    Sep 30, 2013