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Lucas Blaze

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Lucas vs Blaze
Lucas walked through Saturn Valley with Kumatora, then saw many Mr. Saturn on fire, running around frantically. Lucas cooled them off with PK Freeze, and all thanked the blonde. Suddenly, another fireball hit the Saturn people, who began running around again. This time Kumatora did it, and she rolled her eyes. They saw a purple cat, Blaze, burning more Mr. Saturn until Lucas used PK Freeze, which caught the feline’s attention. “Why are you cooling off the enemy?” Blaze asked. “They’re not the enemy, there are friends!” Kumatora barked. Blaze’s eyebrow raised. “So, that means YOU are the enemy.” Blaze responded. Kumatora growled, ready to charge, but Lucas stopped her and walked forward. “Hm. You’ll be lucky if you last a minute.” Blaze taunted. Lucas, slightly angered, used PK Fire, which Blaze countered, then shot a giant fireball at Lucas. Lucas dodged, and sent another PK Fire at Blaze. Blaze was hit, then flew up and began ambushing with mini fireballs. Lucas dodged some but was later hit. Lucas took his snake grapple out and grabbed Blaze, who was disturbed by the scales, then was slammed on the ground. This continued for a while until Blaze broke free and burned the snake. Lucas quickly retracted his weapon, but was picked up and punched and kicked by Blaze. Lucas yelped as he was dropped to the ground. Luckily, Lucas landed peacefully with PK Thunder. Lucas then shot a few lightning bolts at Blaze with PK Thunder, which zapped her down. Blaze got angered, so she took out the Sol Emeralds. Blaze became pinkish orange, now Burning Blaze. Lucas’ eyes widened, and was burned painfully by a giant flame. Blaze set the ground on fire, and Lucas became surrounded. Lucas managed to cool it all down and saw Blaze soaring down at him. Lucas thought quickly and used PK Starstorm. Just as Blaze completely burned Lucas to ashes, she heard something. Something horrifying. She turned around to see several meteors heading down at her. She screamed as he was hit on fully by one. After the star shower ended, Blaze was struggling to get up, back to her normal form, and groaning. Lucas walked over to her and used his last move. PK Thunder. Lucas zapped Blaze with so much electrical force, her heart stopped. Blaze gasped, then gave out, now completely limp. Lucas sighed then went back to Kumatora, helping cool down all the burning Mr. Saturn.
This fight’s winner is: