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Pokemon Stories: Lost in Her Breeze

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 This is kind of a sad story...be warned!!!
#flashchallenge FTW!!!
A little girl at the age of 6 looked out the classroom window,her name was known as Flower.Flower liked to doodle flowers in class,the teacher was teaching pokemon catching while she doodled.But then,she looked up at the left corner to see a flower blooming into a cloud!She ignored it and went on with her drawing.When it was recess time,she lied down in the grass and looked up at the clouds seeing a girl crying.
"Hey!There's Daydreamer!"a bully named Jason(no offense to anyone)pulled her up and got in her face.
"Daydreamer,Daydreamer,time goes by,and next you'll be the squashed little butterfly!Who even cares about you?DEFINITELY not your parents!"he yelled,she sniffled and started to cry.
She ran away from Jason as far as she could,he was right,no body loved her,none,nothing...a big mistake.She was a big mistake,should of never been created,she was alone.When she got home,she took a cookie and ate it at the counter,
"Crappy people,crappy day,and all the people in my way!!!"her mother yelled.She looked to see Flower eating a cookie.
"Flo-!"her mother grabbed the cookie and slapped Flower on her right cheek,Flower sniffled and put her head down.She stomped up the stairs and went to her bedroom,she drew something she never thought she could draw,an angel with broken wings in a storm.
Flower's alarm clock went off at 3:30 am,she was going to run away.She packed up supplies in her backpack and ran,burning the whole house with her mother in it.
"I won't,I won't EVER be hurt again!"she thought,there was a little bit of rustling in the bushes ahead of her,she knew it had to be a pokemon.A little Abra floated out in front of her and got ready for battle.She threw out a pokeball and finally got the Abra after MANY tries.The little Abra got angry and threw Flower against a tree,
"Ow,Mystic...that hurt."Mystic looked at her and sat down,looking amused.They walked together side by side,Flower ready to continue with a pokemon adventure.
A 18 year old girl ran out of the forest and saw ashes,some kind of place burned,
"Ore,what is this place?"Cloud asked.
"I can't tell,though,I can sense aura here...human aura.",Cloud's eyes widened and frantically looked around.Then,there was a crunch under her feet,she stepped back to see a picture of a young girl,a man,and a woman.
"Hey Cloud!You coming?"
"Yeah."and Cloud put the picture in her pocket.When she got home,she studied the picture all night.
"Something about it-it just doesn't seem right.There has to be more clues li-what the?!"Cloud turned the picture over to read a little message.
October 18,2002
I'm leaving this place...I hate you mommy...why did you have to kill daddy?!
Cloud started crying,she now knew her past,old memories flowed back into her head like a rushing river.She was alone,different,hurt,and she KILLED her mother because of the pain.Jason bullying her everyday,her mom calling Cloud bad words.Her Dad trying to leave but instead got stabbed to death,and she blamed all of her horrible life on her Mom.Ore and the other pokemon tried to help,but she refused and cried in her pillow.
"WHY?!!"was all she said all morning,skipping breakfast,when Ore couldn't take it anymore,he busted the door open to find...no one.
There was only a window open,Ore looked down to see nothing,Cloud had ran away,and he knew why.Ore knew what happened,when he touched that ground with his paws,the old memories of Cloud rushed into his head,and now he couldn't get rid of it.He even knew that Cloud was called Flower,a little girl that her aunt and uncle wanted to take care of,but couldn't find her.
"I'll be back soon...there's somewhere I need to go."Ore told Mystic,Mystic accepted.Ore found Cloud with her head down,tears falling down on the old,broken,concrete,road that led to her now burned down,house.
"Cloud,I kn-I'm here...and I love you..."Cloud turned her head to see the Lucario in her state as well.
"All my life-I wanted to find someone who would say that...and I would truly know that they mean it from the bottom of their heart...thank you,so much..."and with that, they hugged each other.
"Cloud now knew the meaning of happiness is priceless,you have someone that can give you that,and she learned her pokemon were her pride,joy,and happiness.The end."and I closed the book.
"That was beautiful,Cloud."
"Thank you,Ore,and all you other pokemon,for listening to it."and all of them made a group hug.
The End
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