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LionStar's Adventure (part 1)

by NyanCatJinx

NyanCatJinx My own stories of Warrior cat adventures, starting with LionStar!
"May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather to hear my words!" Announced LionStar, Leader of ThunderClan. Everyone came out of their dens except for the nursing queen, IvyClaw, Who stayed in the nursery. It had been several moons since the last meeting under High Rock.

"ShadowClan are stealing our prey again, aren't they?" Came a yowl from a smaller orange tabby tom. "No, Sunpaw. It is worse, much worse. ShadowClan is planning an attack." Gasps and concerned Murmurs from the crowd at LionStar's response. "Really? How do you know?" A slim black she-cat's meow silenced the group. She weaved her way through the cats until she was almost under the High Rock. "LionStar, we need to talk. In private."

(Who was this mysterious black she-cat? How did LionStar know that ShadowClan was planning an attack? Find out in next weeks edition!)
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