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Latios and Latias , Jets of the Sky

by Dertholntez

Dertholntez Hey guys , this is my second written work and it's a you could say "fan-fic continuation" of the story , so....enjoy.
"Latios and Latios , they were mysteries weren't they," said Prof.Oak . The lab was in a state of shock (somehow)."What is Latios and Latias," mumbled the once evil and eccentric doctor or scientist Dr.Fuji."It's weird that you wouldn't
know Fuji," said Prof.Oak."It's been a long time,Oak," "I have probably forgotten,"said Dr.Fuji.(Prof.Oak is probably a bit older than Dr.Fuji and still remembers,anyway onwards).

Ah,here goes the story,"said Prof.Oak."In the ages of maybe stone , two Pokemon were born with the names of Latios and Latias.They two were the fastest beings in that time . They could fly as fast as a jet and that is why they are called the "The Jets of the Sky."One day , an incident happened that caused a major consequence between Latios and Latias.(Yes,this may sound very weird but it is a folklore).

They fought one day that who could fly the fastest.Eventually,as this challenge was asked there was a growing sense of rivalry.As they raced each other , it ended up as a tie.Latios was furious so as Latias.They both started having a sense of hatred for each other and were split as the same creation.Latios was one and Latias was one.Once this happened , a strange stone called the Eon Stone appeared .It appeared as a stone of reunion between Latios and Latias.

This stone was never found until one day one of my disciples found it on a shore in Southern Island.As this happened , I had to find out what was this Southern Island.I found out it was a island in the region of Hoenn.When I went there with the stone , a strange cry came from a small hollow on the island.Me and my disciples went inside with astounded faces.It was Latias . She was in a bright red colour but looked very angry.She took a charge and swooped on my disciples throwing them to the sea.I sent out my Charizard and succsessfully weakened him . Once she was weakened she gave me a straight glare and flew away.It was a phenomenal discovery though . I tried to find my disciples but......it was too late.

I returned back to Kanto with an amazing discovery . I was known more in Kanto but there was still one more mystery.....where is Latios? I took the Eon Stone and went back to Southern Island . I went back inside the hollow and held out the Eon Stone.Nothing seemed to happened but a loud roar came far east of the island . I quickly rushed to the boat and travelled to the east.I found a strange island with an evil aura around it . I took slow steps upon a much more larger hollow . I entered hoping not to have the same fate like my disciples and with a stunned face found the legendary Latios.It had a bright blue colour and longer wings than Latias.

He straight away swooped me but suddenly threw me back inside the hollow.I said in a shivering voice "W....w...h...a...t ha...pp....e....n.....e...d."He looked at me and growled.He looked at the Eon Stone and suddenly flew back a bit . I was still stunned with what happened.He gave me a this time quite friendly glare and flew away . It was at last I have solved the Eon mystery , but I keep on pondering about what happened to Latios and Latias . I always keep this question in mind "Where did they go?"

It is until this day I haven't found them and so the story ends." * Ash barges inside the lab*."Professor Oak?" "Ash!?,"It's so nice to see you." "I have something to tell you," said the fully grown man Ash."What is it?"said Prof.Oak..............*Professor Oak and Ash scurry to Oak's private room*."Latios and Latias!?," "Where did you see them?"said Prof.Oak with a hurried voice . Oak discovers that Latios and Latias are in the Lake of Eternal which is in the region of Jurisino .

After 3 weeks

"We've arrived in the Lake of Eternal."said Ash . *A loud growl and a roar is heard inside a cave*."Did you hear that?"said Prof.Oak.*Prof.Oak and Ash scurry to the cave*."Majestic and...........astounding."said Prof.Oak.Latios and Latias give a loud roar that even shakes the cave.We're gonna have to catch both of them."sad Ash.Prof.Oak too shocked to see Latios and Latias then dies after a stalagmite falls on his head . Ash frustrated over the death eventually caught both Latias and Latios to honour Prof.Oak's dedication of finding them.

The world of Pokemon is shocked and sad with the news of Prof.Oak's death.

Long live the Professor.
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