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Lance the Leavanny (OC)

by ImmortalLeavanny

ImmortalLeavanny This is some information of my character, Lance. :3
Lance the Leavanny is my OC.

  • X-Scissor
  • Psychic
  • Shadow Claw
  • Aerial Ace

He's a huge bookworm, but he's also very responsible, and stubborn at times.

He acts like a protector to his friends, guarding them with his life, but then he acts somewhat like a father figure to them as well, getting them to do chores or handing them rules to follow.

He's also a bit of a control freak. He gets a tiny bit mad when things don't go his way, but he can calm himself down very quickly, so he doesn't end up killing somebody.

Reading is his favorite hobby. It's a way for him to get away from everything around him, and relax. His favorite genres are Myth, Horror and Fantasy.

Lance has a strange hate for Water Type Pokemon, but nobody has any idea why.

Lance learnt the attacks Psychic and Shadow Claw from his Mothers. His Father was never happy with just one lover, so he married two, a Mismagius and a Gardevoir. When his Mothers found out about this, they confronted Lance's Father, which lead[​IMG] to his Fathers death.

Lance's second Mother, Gardevoir left to a far away region, while his first, Mismagius stayed to take care of Lance.

Lance is always wearing a Black Scarf, the reason is because his Mother (Gardevoir) gave it to him before she left him. Although he never really liked Gardevoir, he still kept it because his memory of her was strangely calming.

He's a very skilled cook, and makes food frequently for the other families in his village.

Lance is also a teacher for the kids in the village. He teaches them how to use their attacks properly, and how to help around the village, like gathering water, or hunting for food.

(I'd continue[​IMG], but this is getting a bit long, isn't it? :))

This is some basic stuff about him, I may write about his relationships with family and friends and what not, but that's for an other time.

See yah! :D
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  1. Azur
    He sounds very cool and like me in a lot of ways. I like Lance. :)
    Feb 28, 2015