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Kyasarin-san boken chu ni hoen-chiho Chapter two: Starting paths

by TheChaoticNerd

TheChaoticNerd After Katherine and Giahna start their journey and take out those devilish grunts, what is gonna happen?
"Oh, and before you go, take these." said Birch. He gave Katherine and Giahna Pokephones so that they could call their parents. "Osha?! (Can we go now?!)" asks Oliver. "We'll go, be patient" said Giahna. After this, the girls headed off to Route 1. "Before we do a trainer battle, let's get to know Oliver and Conra more so that they'll both get the experience and form bonds with us." Katherine agreed to do just that. Then, they looked for wild pokemon. They did this for hours until nighttime came. "Mud! Kip! (I love you!!) " said Conra, leaping on Katherine's lap. "Osha!! (That was fun!) " Oliver said, hugging Giahna. After some time playing with Oliver and Conra, all four fell asleep.

Next morning, the four went off to battle some trainers, but before they battled any trainer, Katherine's mom called. "So honey, which pokemon did you choose?" said Aria. "I chose a female Mudkip, and my friend, Giahna, chose Oshawott" said Katherine. Aria was baffled and asked her why Oshawott was there. "Well, Birch said that the other two were stolen by Shelly from Team aqua, and that he needed two other pokemon, so he traveled to Unova and Sinnoh to get the Oshawott (Who is now named Oliver) and a Riolu, so....there." said Katherine. She then shut off the phone. "OH! We almost forgot!!" said Giahna. "What did we forget?" asked Katherine, confused. "About catching pokemon!!"

"I might be able to help." said Flare, a 14 year old, cool and collected, girl. "Try catching that Wurmple over there, Giahna!" said Flare. "I'll give you some of my pokeballs to do so". So Giahna took the offer and battled the Wurmple. "Oliver, I choose you!" said Giahna. "Use tackle!" commanded Giahna. Oliver lauched himself at Wurmple. "Ok, Go, PokeBall!" said Giahna. She threw the PokeBall and caught the Wurmple. Then, Giahna sent out her newly caught Wurmple and talked to it. "I'm gonna call you, Lily." said Gianha. And so they continued their adventure with a new friend...

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  1. TheChaoticNerd
    I will work on Chapter 3 tommorow
    Aug 30, 2014
  2. lilonegia
    Aug 30, 2014