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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: Knights here? Impossible.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is the 16th installment of the Melancholy of the Demon lord Sai, and before you read any of this, I ask that you read the earlier chapters for clarification! Enjoy! #summercamp15
Sai looked insane. This was the billionth cup of coffee that he had this week, and it didn’t seem like he was getting any rest either. The bags on his eyes were even blacker than before, and he was in no mood to calm down and read a book.

Cecil had to something, but what could he do to calm his master down? “Lord Sai, it’s been a week since you read that letter, can’t you calm down?”

Sai smiled. What in the world was he talking about? I’m totally fine. “What do you mean? I’m pretty calm, can’t you see?”

“You won’t let her eat by herself, and almost every waking moment, you’re with her!”

Was Cecil being stupid with him? “Isn’t that what a father’s supposed to do?”

“She’s getting older; you have to give her more time for herself. As for me, it seems that we need more food, so I’ll be heading to town.”

He sighed, the last thing he wanted to hear was about that town underneath them.“Why do you have to leave?”

“Lord Sai, we’ll starve, and I don’t think you want to starve.” He gave a quick bow, and left the room.

He lied on the couch, and raised his hand towards the sky.“Please don’t leave me Sara…”

Sara tried to shake Sai awake, but to no avail. She sighed. He hasn’t got any sleep in days, and he said we were going to do something today. Ah well. Now, should I check if that man’s waiting for me?

Sara went back to her room, and opened the secret door. Sara thought, since Cecil knew about this, does he know that I’m going outside? He probably does, but does father know? I don’t want to tell him, as being outside the castle is so much better than being inside!

“I’ve been waiting forever! You said we would meet last week!”

“Sorry about that, I forgot.”

He sighed, was this girl really that forgettable? She was his savior, but now it seemed like she was no angel.“You forgot about me?”

“I’m sorry about that.”

“What’s your name my savior?”

“My name is Sara, how about yours?”

He pointed to himself.“My name is Pierre.” It became silent for a while, until Sara piped up and spoke.“What else should we talk about?”

“I don’t know, I thought my savior would know what to talk about!”

She yelled again, as her face turned into a shade of light pink. She went through her thoughts, and could have sworn that her heart was beating. Cecil said something might happen when you find ‘the one that was right for you’, but why would this man be it?

She sighed, and realized that she’d have to tell Sai and Cecil this sooner or later. What would they think about this?

Pierre put his hand on Sara’s hair, and started twirling it, although she didn’t seem to notice. He twirled another strand of hair, and slowly, in his nicest tone of voice said, “Sara, are you alright?”

She jolted from her thoughts, and screamed, “I am not your savior!”

“You are! You saved me from that demon?”

She pointed to his brain, “Did that demon brainwash you?”

He sighed, she was brining a really good point across. He might as well be a human. “I didn’t see any of his magic.”

“Then how do you know that he was a human? Humans can use magic too.”

“He used a cane to knock me out, when I was going full force on him.”

She put her hand over her face to cover herself blushing. “Well, then you must be weak.”

“I’m very strong! Do you know why? My father was the former captain of the knights!”

She trailed to the last part of that sentence. Was. She couldn’t help but ask, “What happened to him?”

He sighed, it looked like a topic that he didn’t like to talk about at all. “My father? He died 15 years ago. The demon king killed him.”

Sara remembered when she was younger and learned about the demon king, and shuddered. He was a scary person, indeed.“The demon king personally killed him? Are you sure it wasn’t any other demon?”

“I’m sure of that! He had black hair, and that scent, you would just know that it was the king of all of those bastards! And after that, the king disappeared a while after the war ended.”

She was surprised to hear this, Cecil never mentioned anything about him just leaving the castle when he was praising him, of all things Cecil would’ve known about it! “He just left?”

Pierre nodded. “No-one knows where the demon king Sai went.”

Sara thought of her father, and asked if Pierre’s father, or Pierre knew him. “Are there humans with his name?”

“None anymore and I hardly doubt anyone would want that name.”

She nodded, giving her condolences to the long lost father. “Ah, I’m sorry about your father though.”

He took a moment to calm down, and looked at her with a smile. “I’m going to kill that king; will you be there when I do?

She laughed. “Why would I of all things, want to see the demon king get killed?”

“He’s the threat to all humanity! Once he’s gone, we’ll all be safe.”

“But what happens after that? Another demon king pops up and takes over!”

“You surprisingly know a lot about demons. Are you a demon?”

Sara bit her tongue. Did she say a bit too much to make this man suspicious? “Me, a demon? Why in the world would you think that?”

“You know a bit too much about demons.”

“I learned this all from my fath-“ Sara took a moment to think about the king, and then it just clicked.

Place to go? 15 years ago?


Sai? Black hair?

He’s… the king?

She fainted.

Pierre looked at her with horror, and started to carry her to town.


Pierre smiled, and took a sigh of relief. “Sara! Sara, are you alright!”

She jolted awake, and realized that she was on a bed, with tons of people covered in thick white armor were staring at her. “Pierre? What’s wrong?”

“You’ve been unconscious for hours!”

She looked at the people around her and realized that something was a bit off. “Who are these people?”

“These are my friends; they’ll protect you from the demon.”

“What demon?”

“Your father.”

“He’s not a demon! Stop telling me lies!”

“If you still think he’s not a demon, then you’re good as a demon yourself.” The knights now stood up, and were trying to corner her, but there was an opening, in which she escaped from. Sara got up from where she was laying and ran back to the castle.


Cecil finally finished shopping, and was heading towards the castle when he smelled an aura that was oddly familiar. He didn’t have his cane to direct the aura since that young villain tried to kill him.“Why do I smell Lady Sara in town?”

Cecil stood there, and decided to follow the scent of the young lady. He walked slowly through town, with his head facing the ground, and took frequent stops. He finally stopped near a house, and looked up from the ground only to find himself horrified at the sight. There were knights everywhere running around the area.

Cecil ran as fast as he could to an alleyway, and when no-one was looking took his wings out. It had been a long time since he had used them, but nonetheless, he was experienced enough to use them. He flew as fast as he could, to the castle, and landed in the garden. He ran to the library, where Sai was in the morning, but he wasn’t there either. Cecil now ran to Sai’s room, only to find dark red-the same exact color of blood, across the marble floor.

Black feathers were also scattered across the floor, and Cecil looked even more horrified than before. He looked at Sai’s bed, and ripped the blanket from his bed.

There lied Sai, with his wings fully open, and a half empty red-wine bottle next to him. Cecil shook him, to make sure that he was fully awake. Cecil was going to put him on his back, and fly back to the demon kingdom, he just needed his master’s permission before they left.

Sai rubbed his eyes, “Cecil, what is it?”

“We have to leave. Now.”
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