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Kimon Region: Kimon Region Adventures: Chapter Five - Team Poison

by Snqwy

Snqwy This is the storyline of my fangame narrated with my crappy writing skills.
Kymon Region Adventures: Chapter Five - Team Poison

"You ain't getting this Poka-mon back, kid!", the Grunt exclaimed. The other Grunt chuckled to himself, "Yeah! What he said"! I ran to the Youngster and Grunts. "Hey! You! Give him back his Bulbasaur"! "Pfft. And what are you gonna do 'bout it"? Charmander glared at the Grunts. Charmander had given them a death stare. The Grunts had shivered in fear. "On second thought...", they said in sync. They slowly put the Bulbasaur down and they bolt away. Charmander smiled. "Char"! Bulbasaur went back to it's Trainer. "Thanks, sir"! "No problem-". "Here, have this". The Youngster gave me a Berry. "That's an Oran Berry. It can heal your Pokémon, though only a little". "Well, thank you", I said. "My name is Orange". "Nice to meet you", I said. "Well, I have to go. I think my Mum wants me home by now. If you would like to visit, I live in Tipico Town, on the other side of Mt. Masso". "I might stop by. Seya"! I waved back to him as he ran home.
I noticed a ringing sound. I opened my PokéPod. "Call transmitting from an unknown number.", the PokéPod said. I answered the number. "Hello"? "I saw what you did back there. I admire your skills as a Pokémon Trainer. I would like you to stop by the Pokémon Gym, and challenge the Gym Leader". "Who are you?", I asked. "...". "The name is Rocky". The caller hung up. I wondered if the Gym Leader had called me? How did they know my number? I wasn't sure. I decided to listen to what the voice said. Also because my Dad used to show me his collection of Gym Badges he had received on his journey throughout Kimon. I decided I will follow in his foot steps. I will collect all the Gym badges. I started my way back to Masso Town and to the Gym.

To be Continued...
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