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Keith the Sylveon

by Keefo Weefo

Keefo Weefo My first Gijinka!

Name: Keith
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: October 16th (Libra)
Sexuality: Gay
Status: Single
Occupation: N/A
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Tickle Me Pink
Eye Color: Dawn Blue
Skin Color: Tan

Pokemon: Sylveon
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Cute Charm
• Moon Blast
• Draining Kiss
• Dazzling Gleam
• Play Rough

Personality: Sweet and Funny. Jumpy and curious. Keith likes to find new adventures that eventually Lead him into a heap of trouble. He comes from a family of eeveelutions, and his mother is a Sylveon as well, so she taught him all she knows. He likes to tease people. He is very sexual and loves toying around. He had a side of him where he likes to use an old friend's dagger to attack people. He is recently learning to cope with the personality disorder. What triggers this persona is unknown

Bio: In a Family of Eeveelutions, he was always family orientated. His older brother and Father were the only two who weren't Eeveelutions. He trains non stop with his family. Learning new moves and techniques for his next fight. His sister Rafaela is the closes family member he has. After a psychic session with his sister, she discovered the personas Keith had, more than just one, she gave names to them all. Original Joyful Keith. Cyrus the Crazy. Miller the eager. Kyle the calm. Sal the shy. And many more

Likes: boys, icecream, food in general, flirting, teasing, fighting, playing

Dislikes: losing, being ignored, and self-centered people.

Family + Friends:
•Vilma the Sylveon [ Mother ]
•Juan Jr the Granbull [ Father ]
•Rafaela the Espeon [ Older Sister ]
•Jon the Umbreon [ Older Brother ]
•Anthony the Jolteon [Younger Brother #1]
•Deven the Leafeon [Younger brother #2 ]
•Juan 3rd the Flareon [Younger Brother #3 ]
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