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Keeper Of The Ordinance: Keeper of The Ordinance: Prologue

by Atlas Uxie

Atlas Uxie So, after watching and reading some stuff, I decided to write this lots-of-parts story. Non-Pokemon.
"Members of The Ordinance, we're here today to find a new host. Yet this time, we won't stick to an adult. Brother Landon should be finding a very young and small child. Presumably, a male."a hoarse-voiced man rumbled. The other members shuddered at the loudness that echoed off the walls.

"Sire, Brother Landon is approaching the golden doors, and it seems that he has a small object wrapped in a single but long white cloth." a female voice chimed.

"What sibling are you? Cast your name this instant!" the hoarse-voice shouted, nearly breaking his cocktail glass filled with blood red wine.

"Sister Evelyn, wife of Brother Landon, Sire Vander." Evelyn sweetly spoke in such a voice only Vander could hear her coo.

"Sire! It is I, Said Brother Landon!" Landon interrupted before Vander was able to verify Evelyn's name." I have brought a child as you requested, a baby boy."

Landon lifted the cloth covering the boy's face by his left pointer finger and left pinkie, and behind the cloth was a baby peacefully sleeping as if he was still in his real home.

"Wonderful! Bring him to me this once!" Vander commanded with joy." What is his name?"

"Jayden, sire." Landon placed the child down in the leader lap ever so gently, and Vander looked at Jayden's shut eyes and confirmed to himself that he was the new host.

"Take him to the chamber where I set up his current room. Hurry, Brother Landon!'" Vander quickly dropped Jayden into a stumbling Landon's hands, and Landon rushed off to the Keeper's Chamber, where the "Host" would be living. Laying the boy in the crib, Evelyn appeared behind Landon, and turning his head, she perked a smile.

"Lord Vander let us take care of Jayden, so it will now feel like a family to you, nevertheless me." Evelyn announced with a delicate whisper.

"That idiot Vander has made a mistake putting me in charge of this child. Yes, we shall finally be a family, but the plan we created for taking care of the new 'Host' will now be set in motion. We shall make The Ordinance's greatest chance at victory be The Ordinance's greatest enemy since Scanter and his Redound army." Landon spoke with a very dark tone.

"Let us go, we all need to rest." Evelyn concluded as she and Landon left the chamber to prepare for raising The Ordinance's Keeper.
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