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Kalos origins new beginnings: Kalos origins new beginnings chapter 1

by Heiri Sho

Heiri Sho Haley and her lucario set off on her journey across the region as a new Evil arises in kalos
Two years have passed snce Lysandre and team flare tried to create a new world, using a great weapon that haversted the life force of Pokemon. But now a new dark is rising. And an adventure is about to begin in vaniville town...

The morning sun shone down on the kalos region. A small beam of light came through a crevice in the window. An espurr walked into the room and looked around. It's eyes fell upon a girl and a lucario. It was about noon and the two of them were still sleeping the day away. "Purr?" The small cat-like pokemon tugged on the blankets, but nothing happened.espurr puffed it's cheeks and used psychic to open the window. A flood of light came through and rested on the girls bed. Startled, she rolled off the bed with lucario. "Espurr!" Shouted the girl, who was trying to untangle herself from the ball of blankets.the little Pokemon smirked and went back downstairs.

In the kitchen her grandma was setting up floral arrangements. Espurr walked over and began to help with the flowers. Soon lucario and the girl came bounding down the stairs.the old woman looked up and saw them standing there. "Finally up are you?" She said with a smile.the girl and her lucario yawned and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. "Yeah and no thanks to espurr...." She glared at the little Pokemon. "Haley you can't sleep in all the time, especially today. You're supposed to get your poked ex from the professor remember?" Haley looked up from her cereal. "Oh I forgot! Come on lucario!" She was about to walk out the door when her grandma stopped her with a cane. "Now you can't go out like that.youre not even dressed. Go upstairs and take your time."
"But grandma!" Haley whined. "Now don't granmda me. Go get ready." Haley frowned and ran back upstairs. Once she was dressed she put her long hair up in pigtails. And grabbed her bag. She was almost ready. She was taking things out of her drawer."where is my hat?" Lucario walked up with her felt hat in hand. "Lucar" he handed her the hat. "Thanks Lucario! Alright we're ready. Oh, I'm so excited I can't wait anymore lets go." Haley and lucario walked outside to the front gate. "You do know where your going dear?" Haley smiled back at her grandma. "Yeah, grandma! And I have my map just In case!"
She tugged at her bag."alright then. Take care." With their goodbyes said the made there way to aquacorde town. To meet up with there childhood friend and the professor.

((If anyone wants to be added as a character please ask. I need more characters for the story.))
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