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by StarletHeaven

StarletHeaven Let me share something Kingdom Hearts related~
because I love this game so much ♥
  1. G-made
    Nice job on the keyblade!After all u only see it once!*Cough,KH2,*
    Dec 21, 2014
  2. kairiburned
    Omg kingdom hearts it like my favorite game xD
    Nov 27, 2014
  3. StarletHeaven
    @Psycho Monkey omg I remember my lil bro being stuck on destiny island because he couldn't find the stuffs xD oh and also in alice in wonderland where you have to find the other Boxes! and thank you! ;w;
    Aug 3, 2014
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  4. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    It can be confusing the first time through. After replaying a few times you start to pick up on things. Kairi looks great by the way! The details in her Keyblade and outfit are spot on! ♥
    Aug 2, 2014
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  5. StarletHeaven
    Aug 1, 2014
  6. Jhan Garc
    Jhan Garc
    Yea,Kingdom Hearts is awesome,but I don't know much about the main series.I've only played Chain of Memories,358/2 Days and Re-coded....
    Jul 31, 2014
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