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Journey From Our Lives: Journey From Our Lives- Chapter 1

by PikminCommanderJ

PikminCommanderJ Four agents, and their Pokemon partners awaken in a mysterious place, with no memory of how they got there. Its up to them to figure out how they got there and how to escape, as they discover both new and old things. But it wont be easy, as they are not alone. Something is stalking them all, and it wont rest until it destroys them.
Backed up against a wall, he could only stand there, paralyzed with fear,simple hoping that he was only dreaming. Eventually he came to reality and began to hope that it would be quick and painless. Cornered by his own friend. "What did i do to deserve this" he yelled out still shaking. "Bet you wish you wish you left when you had the chance now dont you" a familiar voice called from the dark....
-------------------Earlier in time------------------
"Gah! Wha...what the...Ow my head", the now conscious Ace called out as he sat up. He could feel something fuzzy moving next to him, which just turned out to be his pokemon partner Suave the Persian, laying down next to him, in a worried manner. Ace was unaware of how long he was out, but surely it couldn't have been too long. He rose up still a little groggy, when he noticed that somehing was different. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something was definately different. He gazed upon a forlorn puddle....and everything looked the same.....nothing visibly different. Suave rubbed up against his Ace's leg letting out a happy purr. He observed the area around him, but it was very dark. He also saw floating rocky like platforms were hovering in midair, which almost made him gasp, but he couldn't see much else, it was too dark. "I dont know where we are boy, but lets find our way home, we still have a mission to do....and while we're at it, maybe we'll find out how we got here, he said before being interrupted by a loud noise.
In the distance, the pair could see a bright blue ball launch into the sky, before exploding. "Hm, is that..... Quick, thats the signal from Mambo, which means he's here too!", Ace said as he and Suave ran full speed towards the source of the aura sphere. "Mambo and Riley always usually send that up hen they found something or are lost. Although anyone on the team can use it when they are trying to regroup everyone. Maybe he can shed some light on this....wait a minute, does that mean Rose and Claira are here too", he asked as they continued to run. Surprisingly, he wasn't feeling tired, no matter how much he ran, and fact, it felt like he could hold his breath forever. He neared closer and closer towards the destination after a second aura sphere was shot into the sky, until finally, he arrived.
"Mambo, Riley, what are you two doing here" he asked as his other two parners noticed him approach. "Ace, Suave, its good to see you, but I dont quite know how we got here, but all i know is that i woke up with a huge headache, and i couldn't really feel much after a while" Mambo said as he rubbed his pokemon partner Riley the Lucario. Ace was very surprised at what Mambo said, because it brought up something he didn't realise before.....he couldn't feel anything.....what does this mean", he asked himself. Just the, the ground began to rumble, as a huge shadowy figure flew above thier heads, making somewhat of a unsettling screeching cry as it flew by. "What in the world was that", Mambo called out as he ducked slightly. The rumbling lasted for what seemed like an eternity, before it finally settled down. "Hey, are Claira and Rose here as well", Ace asked as he tried to remember how he got there, but to no avail. "........here, look at this", Mambo said as he held out something. It was a ribbon....a blue one with pokeball on t....but not just any ribbon. It belonged to their partner Rose.