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Journal Entry 1 (Light Story)

by Alex Zachary Torin

Alex Zachary Torin DA account: thedarklord66691

Dad gave me this journal for my 10th birthday, I figured id start using it for my journey. Im not sure exactly where i wanna start... Im already in Johto but... I guess ill travel a bit here. Both my parents left me some money from even before i was born. Dad left the information for me so i can have access to it. Ill take out a small amount, just enough for food, i have some spare clothes in my bag already.

Im both sad, and excited for this. On the one hand im leaving behind everything ive ever known and setting off into the unknown on my own. On the other hand, ill be free... Free to finally make my own rules, to get away from my past. To throw off the shackles of who i was "supposed to be" and be ME. Im not entirely sure who i am, but im sure ill figure that out as i travel.

Grandpa Chuck seems sad to see me go, he tries to hide it but i can tell. He kept fussing over me more and more as the date of my departure got closer. Grandma Celia kept making fun of him, but i know shes sad too. They might not be my actual Grandparents but they're the closest to family i have left.

And now im off, on the boat to Olivine City. Cianwood gets smaller and smaller in the distance. Brandon is next to me on the bed as i write. Grandma and Grandpa's last gift to me was a luxury suite on the ship! This bed is huge! The room is so fancy! And the food, omg, im in heaven!

Its getting late, i think ill stop here for the night and pick up again when i get to Olivine.