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Johto Pokemon Trainer: Jason

by Whimsical Totodile

jason pic.png
Whimsical Totodile I drew this yesterday in Art Class, because I had nothing else to do since I already finished the project everyone else was working on. (I know the picture quality is bad...)
Name: Jason (eng), Kyousuke (jap)
Age: 15
OR: Blackthorn City, Johto
Badge(s): 1 (Rising Badge)

  • Zuuz (Golbat)- Jason's first pokemon. He befriended it as a Zubat when he was exploring the caves.
  • Gravy (Gravaler)- Jason caught Gravy as a Geodude when he got lost and Gravy helped Jason home. :)
  • Poppy (Goldeen)- Jason caught her w/ an Old Rod from his mom. He named her after the color "poppy red."
  • Snubbs (Snubble)- Hatched from an egg a young girl gave him for finding her lost Pichu.