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Johto Adventure Part 1

by Mamenchisaurus

Mamenchisaurus Me and my amaura moved to johto 3 years ago. Now I am 10, my journey begins!
"Maur!" "Maur!" Amaura said. Adam woke up sleepy and asked, "Why did you wake me Amaura?" "Maur maur maura!" Amaura told me. "It's starter time?!" Adam yelled. Adam put on his clothes and rushed out the door.
Adam ran to Professor Elm's lab and learned that Gold went to Hoenn and caught a Treecko. I learned all about that when I chose my Pokemon, but I chose Chikorita out of all three Pokemon. I smiled and said "I got a Chikorita!" Amaura replied with, "Maur maura!"
Professor Elm said, "What's that Pokemon? And here's your Pokedex!" I answered, "That's an Amaura, and thanks!"