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Jessie's travels: Jessie's travels ch.3

by Chris the trainer150

Chris the trainer150 Jessie meets a rival this chapter
"Kid get outta here! you have a hard hat, it's not safe." Shouted a construction worker at Jessie. Then Jessie replied calmly saying: "but there's a hard hat in my bag, I'll put it on as I go in." The construction worker sighed and thought for a minute about the risk of a fourteen year old going in a coal mine then said:" fine, but if you encounter a graveler or geodude run as fast as you can and yell for help all the way out. We've had some trouble with them lately, the onix are fine though." Thought the cunstruction worker out loud. "Thank you sir, for the warning!" Shouted Jessie as he ran past the construction worker. Of course Jessie lied about the hard hat, otherwise the construction would never had let him in the mine. "Ok so I need to avoid the gravelers and geodudes, but the onix are fine." I wonder if I'll see a mudkip... Then a loud soud like rock tumbling against rock interrupted the teens thoughts. Jessie looked around the nearest corner and saw a whole...herd?flock?school?avalanche?...of 50 geodudes and 20 gravelers, as Jessie was turning to run a graveler noticed him and rolled towards him and hit him on the head with a rollout putting Jessie on the ground but not to sleep quite yet. Jessie could see a small figure like a tiny shark with short arms and short legs jump out of seemingly no where with a glowing fist, Jessie recognized it from the battles he watched on T.V., As rock smash, pound on the graveler that attacked him, then a thought came to him "Help" he shouted,the tiny Pokémon seemed to be holding it's own against the group of gravelers, but for how long? Jessie might be dead by the time the tiny pokemon could help him. Then amazingly a figure clad in green appeared and called out a small green pokemon with a leaf on its head,chicorita Jessie recognized this one from his time helping Prof.Elm,the green boy ordered it to use razor leaf to get the gravelers and geodudes to back off, then lifted Jessie and grabbed the tiny shark Pokémon and ran to the exit, where Jessie passed out finally.