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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: Introduction

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge The Great Demon Lord Sai has disappeared from his kingdom,all for an old castle that he calls a vacation spot. As he's in front of his castle, he encounters an abandoned human baby girl, and takes her in! What happens to this girl, and will the demon lord Sai ever come back to the kingdom searching for him? Join Sai for this crazy adventure! (I'm going with PG13 on the rating of this book.)
The Castle was a mess. Lightning struck in the area around every five minutes, and the rain was not going to let out anytime soon. Half of the French windows in the castle were open, and rain was slowly making its way in the castle. But none of the hundreds of maids were trying to make the castle perfect, as they usually do; rather they were rushing around the castle, looking for a specific someone. But where was this someone?

“Lord Sai! Lord Sai, please come back!”

A blonde maid ran into the throne room, and saw that the room has not a soul in it, and even if it did, it had left long ago. Anything that had lived in that place before had been gone for a long time. There was a small folded piece of paper, along with the crown on the throne; and before the maid could even touch the letter, she broke down in tears. Other maids ran into the room, and saw the letter, and started breaking down into tears as well.

“H-he’s really gone, isn’t he?” The maid wept, seeing that her master had really left the castle for good.

A black haired, black-eyed man, who looked no-older than 28 was staring at the sky, and put his hand up to cover the burning sun. The man lay down, still with his hand blocking the mid-day sun. He then sighed.

His blond haired, blue-eyed companion sat next to him, not looking fazed after the long walk they’ve had today. The blonde spoke, crafting only the gentlest words to talk to his lord. “Sire, would you like to rest here?”

The double black sighed. “Just a little break here, nothing much Cecil.”

Cecil smiled, as his lord and Cecil were walking for a long while, since they couldn’t use their wings. After all, they were in human-land now, and anything suspicious could end in their death. But Cecil kept thinking, But why would my lord be interested in human lands?

“If we really go to war with humans all that often, then why do they seem so peaceful?”

“Most humans are not trained for war sire, but they have a fear of demons in their hearts.”

“So basically if the army could get through the border without being detected, just like we did, we could eliminate them already.”
“Yes sir.” Was my lord trying to get into human lands because of strategy for battles? He could have made his countless generals do it for him, so why us two?

“Hmm, it seems we aren’t that far from where I want to go.”

Cecil looked a bit worried. Were they going to a town? Wait, how did his lord know about this place? Wasn’t he stuck in the castle all the time? “Sire, are we going to go back to your throne anytime soon? The entire kingdom is searching for you, so we should head back, shouldn’t we?”

“Eh? We’re heading there. But not that castle.”

Cecil burst out in curiosity, “A castle? In human lands? Sire, when did you have a castle here?” He immediately covered his mouth, to be that ill-mannered in front of his master, ‘twould be such a disgrace!

The young master laughed. “It’s fine Cecil. I’m just glad I could trust you enough that I could go on this trip. Now as for the castle, I remember my father taking me here as a kid, and I want to relax in a house when there’s no-one to pester me about politics and wars. The only sad part is that I can’t use my wings and horns all that often.” He now put his hand down, and stopped reminiscing about the past, well for now.

“Lord Sai, you’re still a kid.”

“So being 128 is a kid? You’re an old man Cecil.”

“At 726, indeed I am an old man.”

“Cecil, can you take watch?” Cecil nodded, as he watched his young master take a blissful nap.

When we he going to face reality? The old king was dead; he died 50 years ago, and was the day that Sai ascended to the throne. He never wept, or talked about his father, King Asher. So why would he bring this up now? When are we going back to the castle? When I think about it, Sai was still so young, only 78 at the time, when he took the throne, as the oldest, and only son of the late Demon King Asher. Looking back on it, he was a huge daze back then when he first was king; there was so much to do, but so little time!

Sai woke up, and yawned, like he never took a nap at all! He looked at Cecil who was half-asleep, and shook him awake. “Hey, Cecil, I know you took a little nap, and I think we can make it to the castle before night-fall.” Neither of them kept the time, but they knew the nap had to be an hour long, as the sun didn't change all that much.

In a half sleepy tone, Cecil replied, “We can~?”

“Yep!” Cecil and Sai started walking north, making it deeper and deeper into human lands, as the sun slowly started to fade away. Now, Sai and Cecil were on top of a mountain at sunset, and stared around the area. Below the mountain was a very big town, and not far from that town was the castle that Sai was talking about.

“Lord Sai, how are we going to get to the castle? We can’t pass through town; they’ll know we are demons!”

“How will they know that? If you just follow my directions, then we can get through town, and if you want, disguise ourselves as locals.”

“L-locals? L-lord Sai?”

“Of course, if you want, since it’s getting close to night-fall, we can just fly over town, and risk getting shot by these humans, if you want.”

Cecil bowed down in front of his master. “I will protect you no matter what happens, lord Sai.”

Sai smiled, and said “Let’s depart!”

The village was about to close its doors for the day, as today had been a long trading day when two strangers came in from the mountains. They didn’t seem like traders, rather more like nobles, and the village was more curious than ever.

The village elder walked in front of them, a man with a cane, and beyond wise in age and looks was staring them down. A double black and a blonde? They were only here to bring trouble, but they couldn’t be demons.

“Hey there! We are just people passing from town to town, but I don’t know why there’s so much commotion for just 2 people.”

The elder sighed, and quickly gave a tap on the ground with his cane, and in that moment, the villagers all went in their homes. “Where are you headed to?”

Sai pointed up, in which he could see the castle of his child-hood. “That castle up there.”

The elder laughed. “You’re going to have no luck with that castle up there. That castle’s been abandoned for years. You can’t even get through the door, that’s how strong of a barrier it is. I’m not going to even mention the mini-forest that’s there, as you’re probably already aware of that.”

“That castle’s been in my family for ages, I have the key.”

“A double black’s castle? I warn you now, your hair and your eyes sparked the village’s attention, and there are already rumors of you being demons. I know this isn’t true, but this village likes to gossip a lot.”

“I see. If anything happens, we will take caution of that, and alert you immediately.” Sai and Cecil left, and after all the villagers were out of sight, Sai ran to the castle of his child-hood, and was admiring the scenery; after all, so much had changed!

Cecil ran up to catch up to his master, but no matter how fast he could run, his master was too fast. It had been ages since he’d seen his master so happy, and Cecil couldn’t contain his smile, as when his king was happy, he was happy too. He had finally caught up to his master when he was finished removing the seal that had stopped trespassers, but there was something lying on the floor near Sai.

Cecil took out his hidden sword, and was about to slash that certain something near his lord. Cecil advanced towards this thing, and Sai screamed, “Stop!”

If anything dare try to touch his lord, he would cut it without hesitation. But why did his lord tell him to stop? Cecil put his hidden sword back in his gold scabbard, and smelt the scent of a decaying corpse. And what in the world was his lord holding? It seemed, like it was a baby!

“My lord, put that human thing down.”

Sai looked at Cecil with disbelief. “It’s a baby, Cecil. We can’t just leave it to die!”

Cecil hissed,” It’s a human! Give it back to the town, where it belongs!”

Sai smiled. “Nope, rather, I’m thinking of keeping her. After all, don’t humans grow up quick? ”

Cecil sighed. His word was the command. “Yes, my lord.”
  1. Belladonna Valkyrie
    Belladonna Valkyrie
    Nice, it sounds a tad like Black Butler. Did you intend that? If so great job working it in.
    Jul 12, 2015
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  2. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    Fantastic~! ♥
    Eagerly awaiting more. :)
    Jul 10, 2015
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