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Images of Your Future Self: Images of Your Future Self - Chapter Two

by Percabeth316

Percabeth316 Matt, Lexine and Xavier wake up on a ship and that's kinda it.
The three teenagers woke on a ship.
Matt was the first to wake up, Lexine only a few moments after him.
Xavier was shaken awake by Lexine, because Heaven knows how long it would have taken for him to wake on his own.
"So," Matt stood up and looked around. "Seems we're on a ship..."
"Yeah...But what ship?" Lexine asked, as she looked around as well.
Xavier quickly stood up. "No idea, but is anyone else hoping it's a pirate ship?"
Before their conversation could continue, they heard footsteps above them.
A door opened at the top of the stairs, and down them came three young adults.
Two males, one female.
They stopped on the next to last step.
One of the males whispered something to the female.
She nodded, and whispered something back.
Lexine poked Matt's arm, getting him to look at her.
"The guy on the left looks like you..." She quietly said.
Matt nodded.
"The guy on the right looks like Xavier."
"And," Xavier started, quickly and quietly butting into the conversation. "The girl? Well, she looks like Lexi."
All of that was true.
The male on the left was slightly taller than the other male and the female, just as Matt was slightly taller than Lexine and Xavier. He had the same mid-brown hair as Matt, as well as the same green eyes.
The female had the same dark hair and blue-gray eyes as Lexine did. They were both slightly shorter than one male but also slightly taller than the other.
The male on the right was the shortest of the older group, just as Xavier was in the younger one. They shared the brown eyes and pale blonde hair.
The female spoke up after a minute.
"Who are you three?" She asked, placing a hand on her sword.
The teenaged trio were too busy staring at the sword to answer.
"I said," She started. "Who are you three?"
Xavier was the first one to answer. "I'm Xavier Tane."
Matt answered a moment after. "My name is Matt James, miss."
Lexine took a moment longer to answer.
"Uh, Lexine Evans..."
The older trio stared at the younger one.
"Mind telling us who you are?" Xavier asked them.
The female was first to answer this time.
"Well, I am Lex."
The male on the left answered next. "I'm Matthew."
The male on the right answered a moment after.
Lex... Matt stared at her.
...Matthew. Xavier watched him.
...Xavieren... Lexine looked him up and down.
There was a minute of silence, before Matt said something.
"So...I guess Van's thing goes to the future."
Lexine slowly nodded. "Yeah..."
Xavier smiled. "Awesome. Just...awesome."