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If I Were A Trainer

by PokemonArtistTrainerRaph

PokemonArtistTrainerRaph My first Pokemon sprite. How does it look?
  1. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    Okay, that has to be put in a Pokemon game. If they ever make another pixelated one that is.
    Jan 18, 2015
  2. Aaronimations
    that is cool
    Jan 18, 2015
  3. Kit-Kat Cat
    Kit-Kat Cat
    It actually looks like a real icon.
    Jan 17, 2015
  4. CombuskenBrazil
    I see a Breeder.../Artist. And are Super Duper good!
    Jan 17, 2015
  5. Azur
    It looks very good! I totally get the feel of a Pokémon Trainer/Artist when I see it.
    Jan 17, 2015