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Hichimato City - Route 2

by Dayton Young

Dayton Young This is part two of many in this series ... Or atleast when I make the rest, I hope you enjoy the series
Dayton, first healed his pokemon, then bought some ultra balls. He went to Route two, and caught a Pidgy. Chelsea, and Damien both explored the city, and found the Radio tower. They went in, and the lady at the counter greeted them nicely. They both go to the elevator, and hit the button for the secent floor. Dayton continues training his pokemon, and catchs another pokemon; A minon. Meanwhile Chelsea, and Damien are still in the elevator, and the lights go out. All they can hear is a man yelling something like "Put the poke balls in the bag, and no one gets hurt.

Dayton = Charmander, Caterpie, Pidgy, Minon
Chelsea = Squirtle, Skitty
Damien = Bulbasaur, Weedle

Damien sends out Bulbasaur, and tells it to use vine whip on the door. Bulbasaur busts the door open, and thier on the secent floor. "The sound was comeing from above, we should head up thier, ... But let's use the stairs". They both go up to the third floor, but the noise was still comeing from above. They went up to the fourth floor, and found Team Rocket.
"HELP" A old man called out
"We have to help him" Chelsea says
"Right" Agrees Damien
"Stop right thier" Chelsea yells
"You going to stop me" The Team Rocket member says to them
"Yes" they both say, and the battle begins. Bulbasaur, and Squirtal Versus Houndour, and Girafarig. Bulbasaur jumps into the air, and uses it's vines to grab Girafarig, and flip him over itself in a 360 degree spin. Squirtal uses water gun on Houndour, then uses body slam on the Girafarig now on the ground from bulbasaurs Attack.

Dayton stumbles onto two more Team Rocket members, and hides behind a bush. "What do you plan to do with those weak radio tower pokemon"
"Sell them, and use the money to 'Buy' a Masterball, if you know what I mean"
"So how's this going to turn out"
"Everyone always tries to straight up steal one, so I'm going to show the money, they'll hand out the Masterball, and smoke bomb, full proof, and we get both the Masterball, and Money"