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Hero: Hero Chapter 1: The Start of Something New

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua A group of people who discover their powers that they learned or inherited. They soon get together to stop the evil organizations plans.
Name: Brandon Style
Hometown: Celestic Town, Sinnoh
Current Place: Saffron City, Kanto, Silph Co. building
Pokemon Companion: Gengar
My name is Brandon Style, I'm 21 years old. I am the current Pokemon Champion of Sinnoh. I got this spot after I defeated Cynthia. I have lots of Pokemon from my journey, my most trusted Pokemon is my Gengar. I'm in the Kanto region due to a disturbance in Saffron City. It turned out that Team Rocket had infiltrated the Sliph Co, building again for a new project. This project is called, Project Dark Ball. What I know so far, this project is based off a new pokeball, this is able to catch any Pokemon and turn them into evil Pokemon. I got a call from Officer Jenny to stop the project and stop the production from sending the dark ball to other evil organizations. As I got to Saffron City I went straight to the building. I saw the receptionist as I entered the building. She looked at me, then she went back to typing something on her computer. I pushed the smooth arrow button, as I did I waited for the elevator doors to open. As soon as they did, I pushed the button with the 12 on it. I soon descended up into the different floors. The elevator soon stopped, as it did the light started to flicker as the elevator hung there. I examined the elevator, then I knew what to do.
"Gengar, I need some assistance!" I threw the Dusk ball as my Gengar came out from the ball.
"Gengar, use psychic." Gengar looked at me. Then he had a light blue aura around it as the elevator lifted. We soon reached the 12th floor. As Gengar opened the doors we saw a group of rocket members waiting for us with their Pokemon. I just smiled as I said a command.
"Gengar, use psychic." Gengar had a light blue aura as all the Pokemon and the rocket grunts flew and hit the walls.
"Sorry boys, I have something to do." As I walked away, I spotted a hyper beam heading my way with the corner of my eye.
"Gengar, protect!" Gengar soon made a force field protecting me from the hyper beam. I turned around to see Proton, one of the Team Rocket Executives with his Weezing.
"My, you have made quite your way into our base. But now you must go. Weezing, Sludge Bomb!" The Pokemon shot the poison sludge as Gengar blocked the hit for me we flew back. I landed in some kind of liquid inside a barrel, knocking it over. As I did Proton left with his Weezing. I got up, I soon found out that I wasn't soaking wet. I dusted myself off as I went to the locked doors.
"Man, Gengar if I was like you, I would be able to phase through the wall like you." As I said this, I was about to lean on the door when I phased right through the wall. Gengar soon realized what happened and phased through and he saw me. We looked at each other in astonishment, then we both went along. Gengar knew that we were going to talk about it later. So we started to go to Giovanni, to stop this production of the Dark Ball.