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Ore:His Lucario Life: Hearts Are Broken

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 2
Ore walked out of Language Arts like a boss,he had just gotten a A+ on his test that he studied for really hard.
"Ore,I saw your test score,nice job!"Teeka exclaimed.Ore got so startled,he held the graded test to his chest. RRRRIP! The test tore from Ore's chest spike,the test dropped to the floor,with a big hole in the middle of it.Ore got down on his knees,he worked so hard for it,now,it was gone.His eyes swelled up with furious tears,he knew that the pill couldn't even hold back this much anger.His test had been ripped by his spike,which had happened because he was startled,by his own friend.
"Ore!I'm so sorry!I didn't know I startled you!"she apologized,before she could comfort him,he got up and ran away.
"Oh,so just run away!Right!The best solution to do!"he thought,he ran out the front doors and to the forest.
"Just keep on going!EVERYTHING is going to be fixed by this!"the more he ran away,the more he got angry at himself.His tears flowed behind him,they were like a hundred beedrills stinging his cheeks.
"Run!Run!That's all you do!Even your Father would call you a clutz!A mistake,a stain,do you want to be called that?Well,you ARE a mistake!"that made Ore stop altogether.He was a mistake,and he knew it,if he didn't go back to Cloud,she wouldn't care,she never cared,she would just replace him with another Lucario. No bigee. Ore sobbed against a hard tree for the rest of the night,under the cold moonlight,closing his eyes,wishing for warmth and love.And he never realized he had it...
  1. AzureEdge
    Oh damn. This took a bit of a turn.
    Nice job!
    Sep 3, 2014