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Custom Poké Balls: Heart Ball! ♥

by AbbieEeveelutions

Heart Ball.png
AbbieEeveelutions Name: Heart Ball
Other Names: Contest Ball, Super Contest Ball.
Ability: Pokémon Contests both from Hoenn and Sinnoh are easy as cake if your Pokémon is in this Poké Ball!
Catch Rate: Same catch rate as the Love Ball, but your Pokémon doesn't have to be the opposite gender.
Other Information: The average Heart Ball has the open and close button changed into a heart button. Heart Balls can be decorated, like up in the picture, matching the contest condition, like Cute, Beauty, etc. This one up in the picture is decorated for a Cute Contest. Pokémon that know Attract means that the infatuation lasts longer then usual.
  1. AbbieEeveelutions
    Wild Cosplay Pikachu appeared!
    *throws Heart Ball and catches Cosplay Pikachu*
    *nicknames her Pikaluxe*
    Apr 9, 2015