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Oneshots~: Have a Pumpkaboo Halloween~!

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge I couldn't think of a better title. This is for my #Flash Challange, about Halloween. There's not much spook, though. Enjoy!
The Pumpkaboo sighed of relief once the trainer and her friend were out of sight. He'd been running for the past hour, at this time of year, for the past couple of years in fact, and this year was no exception. If he only listened and took part of the triathlon of Pumpkaboo's he would have outran this trainer long ago. But this Pumpkaboo was lazy, and didn't want to run.

The Pumpkaboo heard rumors from his pumpkin bunch stating that all humans are evil. They are scarier creatures than us Pumpkaboo's and slaughter us for their holiday of Halloween. Slaughtering in this Pumpkaboo's book was a huge deal. So, the tired Pumpkaboo laid to rest for a bit, and forgot about the trainer stalking him. Everything slowly went black.

The trainer squealed as the Poke ball turned black. "Yes! I caught it!"

The man right next to her calmly replied, without emotion."Good job Azure. Now we have a Pumpkin!"

The Pumpkaboo suddenly woke up to this calm man's words, and started freaking out. He couldn't see anything. He didn't dare move, because he heard stories of monsters in the ball, and that he was never alone.

Everywhere he turned now, a bright light now appeared, and it was starting to freak him out.

But what was that ominous light that threatened to engulf him?

He started freaking out now, and forgot about everything the other Pumpkaboo's taught him. He started running around, but found a barrier everywhere. What could he do?

Sycamore sighed."Geez, Azure don't you want to take that Pumpkaboo out?"

"Fine. But First, let's scare it."

Azure squatted down to a Pumpkaboo's height, and told Sycamore "When I say three, lets scare the living pumpkin out of that thing."

"But... Azure, isn't that rude? I mean, you caught it out of the blue, it's probably scared to death now."

"C'mon! Just do some scary dance! "

"Fine." He was now up to the same height as the Pumpkaboo.

"One..., Two... Three!" I threw the poke ball in the air and there came that Pumpkaboo.

Me and the professor both screamed. "BOO!"

The Pumpkaboo , screamed and started crying.

"I told you this was a bad idea!"

I didn't look at Sycamore, rather I started petting the Pumpkaboo and saying "Sorry." I also gave him a Poffin to calm down.

The thing looked at me with those puppy eyes, and stopped crying. I stood up and then said "This is what you get when you ask me to catch a pumpkin for your lab! "

"We chased it for hours, and you found it sleeping! That was your fault!"

"My fault?! Look who's talking, you waited till the last moment to get yourself a pumpkin."

He smiled and patted the happy Pumpkaboo. "Next time we catch a Pokémon, let's not scare it."

"Deal." We walked back to the lab, with the happy Pumpkaboo right next to us.

Have a happy Halloween~!
  1. Adrian2AMBoss
    Man. I can do a Flash Challenge about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but I need Some Help because I was gonna say Legend of The Mega Gengar or something LOL! Anyway, AWESOME STORY!
    Oct 24, 2014
    AzureEdge likes this.
  2. AzureEdge
    Oct 24, 2014
  3. UndeadRaptor13
    This is a terrific story. I love it, love everything about it. I think I might make a spooky skit from my series for Halloween. This story is great.
    Oct 24, 2014
    AzureEdge likes this.